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Family of 6 in Small Space, Town House in Denmark

See the blogpost: http://www.godownsize.com/family-1000-sq-ft-townhouse-denmark-aarhus/

This sweet family of 6 lives in a small townhouse in Aarhus, Denmark. Join us for a house tour, and get inspired from their solutions. They have chosen to downsize, in order to get more time together.

The kids live in two rooms. The two smallest kids (girl and boy) live together and the two bigger girls live together as well in only 65 sq ft (6 m2). Lots of cool storage solutions, and ways to live small and optimize the space for compact living.

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  3. M. Kenaga Ivy Tech CC

    That is a normal size house here.

  4. This size is quite ok for 6 people. Look at Japanse you would know they live in more smaller houses.

  5. Average sized uk house

  6. This house doesn’t look small we get hamster cages for some homes in the U.K. 😂

  7. they aint following scandinavian minimalism lol! too much stuff.

  8. Love this ..so inspirational

  9. Barbara-Louisa walker

    Its really awful…so crowded with stuff,id go mental. its so junky.no horried.

  10. Ya.

  11. I've read a lot of the comments here and whilst I agree that purging a lot of 'stuff' would be a good idea, they are not out of control in their hoarding because everything has a home and it's tidy in a crowded sort of way. Clutter is usually in chaotic piles or thrown messily into drawers and cupboards. When they run out of storage they'll have to declutter but by then the young sons will have grown out of so many toys so they might just be ok. It's a lifestyle choice so good for them for keeping it tidy.

  12. Big families are really rare in Europe, as it is facing a population disaster with lowest fertility rates in the world

  13. I got news for you, 1000 square ft isn't small even for 6 people.

  14. Simply Anne Marie

    Great video! Gosh so inspiring. I just love seeing families downsize. Great job on your videos, keep it up!

  15. Sure, it's not tiny in and of itself, but for 6 people, it is definitely on the small side. Also, yes, they do have a lot of stuff and I wouldn't like it, as some people said, it would give me anxiety, but what is great is that they didn't get themselves into debt like so many Americans do, just to keep up appearances and to store their stuff. They also don't live miles away from their schools and job, so they can spend much more time with their family. I think it's great what they did.

  16. it's a real home, not those kind of clean and minimal demo house. A 6-member family with kids , their amount of stuff are pretty reasonable.

  17. In Denmark, the bigger the city the smaller the houses are, so outside bigger cities the average size of a house is between 1500 and 2500 square feet

  18. This father has a beautiful spirit….that’s a real family home, they are making things work and I sense a lot f love there. Awesome daddy

  19. are they poor

  20. Ya they have too much stuff. Saw another Danish family of four. They were very minimal. The clutter would stress me out too. But they seem happy and functional, all that matters.

  21. donate d kids stuff to less fortunate kids..so there will be lots of space when the kids had grown up..

  22. 93 square meters?? That's not small!