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Family of 5’s Modern Tiny House Packed With Clever Design Ideas

Francois and Sarah-lee live in a stunning, modern tiny house together with their 3 children. At only 21 m2 (226 ft2) fitting a family of 5 into the home was no easy task. Thankfully, Francois, a tiny house designer and builder was up to the challenge!

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In this episode we tour the home and learn how this tiny house on wheels has cleverly been designed to accomodate a large family living in a small house, while exploring what family life is like in a tiny home.

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This home is packed with clever small space design ideas, tricks and features which help the home to not only be very functional for this family, but also visually beautiful!

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  1. Looks like a blissful life.💟

  2. Kate Gruodis- Pausig

    This won't last long. Once they are teens it will get annoying. I would hate my mother for making me live in this tiny of a home.

  3. Just imagine trying to fuck your wife in a tiny house with 3 kids in there. Or five people each taking a shit in a tiny bathroom in a tiny house.

  4. Your kids should consider a career in the navy. They'll feel right at home.

  5. At 1:47 the house behind him is so cute looking

  6. Very lovely home and very inspiring, too. We constantly have to explain how we can live on 140qm with a family of four and not want to expand at all. Everyone seems to think you need a house when raising kids.

  7. well fer one hing m8, yer no a thinkin of yer kids! their future!? movin along!? A tiny house be at the time a grand idea! "fer Yerself!" But not fer yer family! (think on that)

  8. Is it a french, doesn't it? 😂😂

  9. amazing loved it

  10. MadGirl BitchingBoutStuffs

    Hah. This will be fun once they are teenagers

  11. I don’t know if this will work out when the kids get older.

  12. Something for me to think about. Small house with basement because we get tornado season. Root cellar and storing off season clothes n stuff. The question becomes one of access, which needn't be terrible. Steps up to the garden facilitates storage and escape if the house comes down. Yeah old fashioned but if it works who cares! 🤔😁

  13. This house is so beautiful

  14. Honestly.. this one sucks and good luck once they become teenagers.

  15. Emmanuel Beugré

    Ptdr , quand les français parlent anglais XD

  16. I fell bad for them becuase they are not doing nothing but bored man i just want to help others not hurting them you guys know i a tiny house please god help this big family dreams come true. I think they want a new house. They are sad because they have no body to play with no body to play with and i do not think them kids go to school god please help what state do u guys live at and city and if i have to i would come and help u ok so enjoy ur life

  17. Bravo François et Sarah-Lee, beau travail, belle philosophie de vie!

  18. What a lovely family, and a lovely home! Yes, they have turned a "tiny house" into a "tiny, loving home" – a someone said below, WELL DONE!

  19. He kinda looks like Rodney from Star Gate

  20. ♥️🏚

  21. У каждого ребенка должно быть окно!!! Это психология!!! Желательно одинаковое!!!
    Every child should have a window!!! It's psychology!!! Preferably of the same!!!

  22. Y dont they try building little tiny homes for the children as they grow?

  23. Package because message range minimum enhance instance master practical execute.

  24. Every time I watch these videos I just wanna pack up my stuff and move into a tiny house.

  25. Normando Gonzalez


  26. I don't know if I could live so but it seems as it's an intact family. Really cool thing! 🙂

  27. I was struck by how barren the bathroom was . . . where are the tooth brushes, combs, shampoo, etc.

  28. As a Chinese, I cannot understand what the man said with such an accent

  29. Jansimuon Garrido

    admirable people

  30. I’ve always felt like bedrooms are such wasted space in the home! I can sleep anywhere. You take the bedrooms out of most homes and they become a tiny home

  31. But… how do the kids make their blanket forts?!?!

  32. Hey. Man I love your videos. I have been fascinated by tiny houses since some time now, and looking at these people's experiences is really awesome. But I do think that you should make smaller videos so that rather than feeling exhausted at the end sometimes, one feels excited and energetic. Well, all in all, thanks.cheers!!😉😉

  33. Loved it 😊

  34. wait another 10 years, then they will re think of having a tiny home with those 3 kids

  35. That triple bunk bed design is AWESOME!

  36. Wow. This is amazing. I love how this house encourages the kids to spend so much time outdoors.

  37. It works for them. Keep in mind the couple have other buildings on the property to work with.

  38. Interesting

  39. Thanks so much for sharing this