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The most amazing part about this tour is that I was able to get all eleven humans and the puppy out of the house all at the same time. Thank you to our friends who invited us over for a barbeque! I was able to run back home and film this tour in the middle of all that. 😁

1 / My Minimalist Journey – https://youtu.be/vHrIUBd5ltY
2 / My Teenage Daughters Bedroom Tour – https://youtu.be/ow5SutiJOco
3 / My Teenage Sons Bedroom Tour – https://youtu.be/3UQtYCKO9O8
4 / Minimalist Family Room Tour – https://youtu.be/83c1MdNntfo
5 / Minimalist Kitchen Tour – https://youtu.be/ugEm6usnAbU
6 / Minimalist Master Bedroom Tour – https://youtu.be/j_c13tuHCUc

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  1. Just to clarify, our fish tank cracked yesterday and the fish is only in the smaller jar temporarily. Thank you for your concern!

  2. that slow motion breaks my eyes

  3. Catherine Bronte

    i have noticed something that seems to be a common thread with minimalists. i am all for decluttering and keeping things simple but where is all the color? you can paint walls, get pretty pieces of furniture and put some flowers out and still stay true to what you are doing. white is not a color. i think some people would think if thy want to be minimalists they must dislike color. white, white and more white. so damn boring.

  4. How did you learn to build/do carpentry work!? Amazing.

  5. Mahala Luckenbill

    I’m late to the party but I LOVE your home and loved this house tour!!! Thanks for showing us around. I adore your family and what you stand for. Keep going strong and sharing what you love to do. Thanks again!! Much love from Indiana. 💕💕💕

  6. ***Call it a Washroom, because there isn't always a bath in a "bathroom" but there's always a sink to wash.

  7. This is my first time seeing your channel and I'm impressed.
    I've recently started watching minimalism videos and some are so bare that they completely lack warmth and a human connection.
    YOUR home is minimal without being cold and barren. It looks very comfortable and inviting.❤

  8. Looks like you already moved out.

  9. Meagan Montanari

    I see that your Catholic too! I love your crucifix in the family room.
    I’m grateful to find a minimalist Catholic family on YouTube and I have subscribed to your channel.

    I have a hard time parting with my sacred art and some statues…any advice? Maybe I should give them to a friend? I can’t bare the thought of giving them to a thrift store…

    Thanks, God bless you!

  10. Everything is Very good, except the fish tank

  11. Darci..you mentioned a grandbaby..which child had the baby..where is he or she…how old…cute..cute..cute I am sure…

  12. You made me laugh with your “I did this when I was pregnant” stories because I do the same thing. I painted the back hall, living room, front hall & dining room when pregnant with #4 and painted the girls’ room when pregnant with #5. We redid a bathroom when I was pregnant with #6. Now that I’m expecting #7, we’re planning to fix up our bathroom next week! Impulsive much? Lol

  13. Are you catholic? What an awesome channel! Def something to strive for on all fronts!! Beautiful! Thank you for posting your content. I am new to your channel and am already loving it. I am a young catholic vlogger interested in natural living, family life, mothrhood and more minimalistic living. Looking forward to more vids Darci!

  14. Im inlove! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Chao! From Perth, Western Australia 🙂 just stumbled upon your video/channel. Thankyou for sharing your beautiful home. Have been doing lots of research into minimalism and plan on doing a BIG declutter in the next few weeks. Very inspiring video x

  16. sandrarthornton

    Super woman.😊

  17. That's. Great.

  18. How you deliver 9 children?

  19. Aniello Salzano

    credevo che lo fossi tu.

  20. Aniello Salzano

    ciao isabella, sei italiana di origine?

  21. HijabiNaila❤️

    Functionality is great, but so colourless and cold.

  22. Joe is in charge too much.

  23. Your fish has to be minimalist too? Would you like to live in a bottle?

  24. The fish😔😔😔

  25. That repetitive humming music is really distracting and annoying.

  26. Humble Daughter

    PLEASE, where did you get the black and white print of our Lord?? I would love one like it. Thank you

  27. Very nice

  28. I've never felt like subscribing until now…

  29. I believe that your coat room is your signature feature. Each person has his/her organized space for shoes, coats, etc. I can appreciate how this would work so well with so many children. Considering the effectiveness of this room, the typical hall closet for everyone’s “stuff” seems to be a design and function flaw. You have me thinking of alternatives for my hall closet for 2 adults.

  30. This is one of the best minimalist house tour I've seen, gotta give it to you, 9 kids and ur house is immaculate.

  31. Love your aesthetic. All the natural wood and simple yet comfy looking furniture looks so lovely and practical <3 <3 <3

  32. mermaid princess

    U need a bigger bowl that poor gold fish…

  33. Love your minimalistic home – soooo glad that tiny jar was just a temporary home for your single fish – they enjoy a lot more space, real plants and other fish as well.

  34. A nice gray chalkboard paint in your coat room with white paint finished on the lockers would look great!

  35. Where did you get those wire racks for the books at 4:11? I need this in my life

  36. House envy x

  37. ……..why do minimalists use so much white in their decor?……….is color considered clutter?……….i keep a very minimal home……..beauty/order/comfort/function.

  38. Love your home so peaceful❤️

  39. beautiful home, well done.

  40. even the goldfish is a minimalist! love it lol

  41. Britney Million

    Can't fit all ur kids in ur luggage, eh? 😂😂😂

  42. 🎼🎞📽skysera

    Hello Darci and family, you have a super functional first floor living space, I especially like the cloakroom locker system that you have built up. Thanks. 🙂

  43. That is awesome that you do this with so many kids. The goldfish in the small mason jar gave me severe anxiety though – maybe a bigger living space for the little guy?