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  1. the Kardashian s should d o scat porn id love to see all there turds


  3. What a dork

  4. Denise Valenzuela

    Khloe 😍❤

  5. Destiny Staples

    I love you but I swish your videos were longer

  6. Well yeah of course. Who are you kidding…out of all the celebrities/public figures, she ought to have a full-on closet so that she can at least look halfway decent(not good, just decent)This dinosaur face needs to wear Prada shoes with a Gucci suit and a Louis Vuitton bag just to look presentable HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Comedy at its finest

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  8. Ljiljana Borjanic

    Sexy home 😂😂😂😂

  9. Can I job in this house please!!?

  10. leonor papicha

    khloe 😘 😘 😘

  11. thank you ray j

  12. Such a babe!

  13. ''Every woman should have a walk-in closet.'' my house is ''as big'' as her closet..

  14. Selamawit Demelie

    i love you ki ki

  15. Selamawit Demelie

    love you khloe

  16. Oli Silva Röthlisberger


  17. Digital Reform

    the furniture from the Kardashian Miami Penthouse is for sale http://m.ebay.com/itm/322425848365?_mwBanner=1

  18. the kid creator's 12

    real good real good how did they get famous

  19. Evan Davenport

    It's all about following your heart…… and having hundreds of millions of dollars.

  20. My Royal Family 4

    Closet closet closet OMG closet

  21. Khole is such a good person I think she deserve everything

  22. 😤 give justin his house back

  23. Carolyn Porter

    Its bullshit….. the houses dont even look lived in!