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Embracing the Narrow Home – An Architect’s Viewpoint

In this video I discuss 12 distinct advantages of narrow home designs.
Be sure to check out predesigned narrow homes here:

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  1. Narrow houses do have nice advantages for almost everything except thermal control, and materials costs.  They have more exterior surface area for the square footage of interior space enclosed.  In mild climates they are great.  Hey, what's the first house in the video, the one in the desert.  It looks like Tucson, or Phoenix.

  2. A home that s TWO rooms wide is perfect, both wth their narrower sides side-by-side.

  3. Narrow home with the possibility of wings or expansion later–lovely!

  4. Hi Eric, great videos. Do you know the name or architect of the 2nd home in the video? It's the cabin style home on the lake.

  5. Except that if you are in an urban lot, fire code could greatly limit your opening allowance on side facades

  6. Patrick Kniesler

    Do you have any disadvantages? It would be a good chance to talk about ways to address them, such as the conditioned connectors I saw in another one of your previous videos.