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Embedded Systems: A Valid Skillset?

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Embedded Systems: A Valid Skillset?

An embedded system is a computer system with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system, often with real-time computing constraints. It is embedded as part of a complete device often including hardware and mechanical parts. Embedded systems control many devices in common use today. Ninety-eight percent of all microprocessors are manufactured as components of embedded systems.

Would it be a good skillset for a programmer?

Watch this video and find out!

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  1. Good point

  2. Does mars have the air pressure to handle drones?

  3. no defense contract job will come without Security clearance and a BS in something that has to do with a related field like computer science.

  4. Can you become an embedded Software Developer with a CS degree or is it better to have a CE/EE background?

  5. You only talked about drones….

  6. Embedded systems are also used in medical devices and that's only going to increase. BTW C is not used just because it's size efficient. Even if you had an embedded system with TB of space you still have to use C if you're going to do any sort of low level programming.

  7. Where to start ARM programming? What is the course?

  8. JohnL Any updates from the original questioner?

  9. i got tired while watching you please calm down 😀

  10. Embedded development could also include Linux and not just an RTOS or MCU. I recently did a phone screen interview for an Embedded Engineer position and the questions were specifically directed around C++ and Linux IPC. The best option would be to look at the positions open for a particular company you want to work for and see what their Embedded Engineer job descriptions state.

  11. Do you need to be an electrical engineer/computer engineer to get into embedded? Is it possible to approach it from "higher up the stack" as a CS major?

  12. Nice video! I'm doing the minor Embedded Systems as part of my study Electrical Engineering right now!

  13. Video starts at 3 minutes

  14. With ML and AI on the rise?Of course embedded systems is a valid skill set. Check out the engineering positions companies like Space X and Mercedes employ.

  15. Federico Jimbo Smithson

    plain c as always

  16. I have been learning embedded programming and it is very tough. The language you use will depend on whether you use something like arduino or pic microcontroller. For microcontroller use c. C++ can be used but is less common. First learn c from free youtube tutorials. Next buy programming pic microconrollers in c by lucio dijassio. It is very difficult to learn the registers and all the stuff in microcontrollers. If c++ is for smart programmers, programming microcontrollers is for geniuses. I am setting it aside for now because my job requires learning java at the moment.

  17. Definitely! Embedded systems are the future. Look at the Internet of Things!! I would recommend that he focus on vanilla C as well though. As someone who programs embedded systems, I find that pure C tools are better than the C++ ones and are more efficient in this context. Many times you don't need the overhead of an RTOS or C++.

  18. 1:51 to skip the add

  19. why embedded engineers get paid the same as developers ?
    I did embedded programming in school and its hundreds lines of annoying complicated code for something very simple. I feel embedded its way more complicated.

  20. "In this case, C or C++ is right"… but which would be the best ? Aside from this annoying question I'm glad you made this video. I'm in the same boat and I went for C++ 😉

  21. Edgar Acosta Davila

    Embedded Systems are everwhere

  22. lol only two clicks right now!