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Amazing Modern Prefab Cottage Small Modern Living by Small House Bliss | Le Tuan Home ...


  1. Indie Media Eastcoast

    i love it … more beautiful children from this sexy couple too .. please…

  2. Great home. Awkward video. Almost felt like an SNL spoof. Almost.

  3. House number 666 near bohemian grove…hmmm.

  4. A rider! Nice.

  5. Dit is geen simpel huis maar het geld dat hiervoor gebruikt is, is goed gedaan.
    Mensen zouden beter wat meer rondkijken en zien wat simpele huizen zijn, maar goed, het zal de context wel zijn.

  6. Backyard is awesome with the kitchen and backyard connectivity!

  7. Love this home!

  8. Canadian Tapezoid

    The house number is 666

  9. Beautiful Home 😍😊

  10. show the floorplan

  11. I want that house num

  12. Did I see the 666 on the door?

  13. Geraldine Granado

    I can’t even finish watching this.. who chooses to raise their kid in a house with satan numbers..?

  14. Such an amazing project, showing how architecturing can be simple yet amazing, lovely parents molding their lives around the well being of the daughter … but all people comment about is the # of the house…. some people are just screwed-up

  15. Love your house!!

  16. I didn't pay much attention to the house only to that address tho…

  17. Wonder if they got it below market due to the address!

  18. Slow it down..

  19. Who could afford the Taxes in California, I would rather have build this home in a State that has "No" State Taxes & more affordable………! Furthermore, Florida protects your Home from Collection Agencies & any seizing your Property, which protected with the Homestead Act………!

  20. I guess beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder…. woof

  21. Very pactical and clean look. Easy to see. Best.

  22. Impressive in a way. But do we really want to live in an operating theatre?

  23. Roberto Hualde Jr.

    How this look like in the plan construction?

  24. Roberto Hualde Jr.

    This is amazing. Great design.

  25. The devil house

  26. How about you actually show the house.

  27. Love it.

  28. Dumb and dumber

  29. freaks, with 6-es

  30. These houses we built for "all" races, not only white.ichler made that clear.respect the meaning of what he did.