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EasyEDA – Free Schematic & PCB Design + Simulation Software Review

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In this video I will create a PCB layout for my ATtiny Boost Converter with the help of the free Software EasyEDA. Along the way I will tell you what I like and don’t like about the program.

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  1. Entertainment Overloaded


  2. I've done my first few PCBs through Easyeda. More intuitive to use than eagle and it's free and I can use it anywhere with a browser (mostly, need a mouse).

  3. i tried it… the only frustrating thing i could find is that i lacks the scrolling bars/// u need to use the arrow keys… but if for a reason you had a part selected… that would move it

    the other thing is that i did try and place an order for the boards.. it asks for gerbe files… but every time i did try and get them from the pcb design… nothing happened….. no downloas no nothing
    and yes i have my adblocker off and put the main website in the pop up blocker whitelist

  4. I would like to see other software reviews. I feel so clumsy stumbling around from one program to the other and this review helps coming from a trusted source like you. I did read that easyEDA will be coming out with a 2d view next month followed by 3d view later.

  5. hi great scott pls pls tell me how to get a speaker in

  6. When placing a capacitor component, how do I know which one to place? Also what about resistors, I want to use a standard 1/4w resistor but I'm unsure of which package to select.

  7. 4:55 r/accidentalswastika

  8. I tried EasyEDA for two days, and it's a buggy nightmare; especially for trying to get it to do a simulation. Should be called HardEDA.

  9. How to remove copper area…anyone know please give me reply …

  10. Is in EasyEda Rf components like varicaps, mixers, oscillators etc?

  11. bintang budimahardika

    1:04 busted

  12. thank you for let me discover this wonderful software

  13. US vs EU symbols for Resistor

    US: Potentially confusing because it looks similar to an inductor symbol.

    EU: literally just a rectangle. What is that supposed to mean?

  14. Mary Venazer Belmonte


  15. 5:00 nazi layout confirmed

  16. PDF is a vector format and is also directly printable. So no need to export it to SVG, import it into Inkscape, scale it up, export it back as a PNG and still have a pixelated image.. just print the PDF.

  17. Awesome!
    Exactly the information i was looking for about EasyEDA in a quick easy to understand walktrough.
    Thanks allot and keep up the great work!

  18. Great overview! Thanks.

  19. I love your videos man! But can you do more of those simple and less time consuming projects that for a beginner like me is fun and easy to do.

    No matter if you don't, I still always look forward to see every single upload you do. #Respectandpeace

  20. Gibt es auch eine Software bei der man tatsächlich eine Schaltung
    simulieren kann. So dass diese überprüft ob es gehen würde und man sich
    das Breadboard sparen könnte? Machst du auch mal deutsche Videos? Schade
    dass man fast überall nur englische Videos bekommt.

  21. what was it you used to stretch the SVG image larger ?

  22. Bhawanishankar Soni

    Not shown full background in easyeda

  23. very good video, I have custom board i would like to have made. If there is a way to contract some work out I would be stoked.

  24. Vittorio Corasaniti

    Your videos are awesome! thank you +GreatScott ! I'm an arcade maniac and I've a question…Is possible to clone some Jamma PCB's boards? You know, I'm talking about old vintage game boards , which were inside arcade cabinets! It would be awesome to create a clone to play with and keep the original safe!

  25. In the end, you shud say "And You will see me next time" insted of "I will see you next time"

  26. Led sign ? WORK ?

  27. You are a godsend, Arnold of the electronics! These videos are awesome, very informative and inspiring. I'm getting back to DIY electronics after a long break, thanks to you. I'm looking forward putting together my JYE DIY oscilloscope.

  28. Question,
    I notice that when i connect a load with my Battery(any battery Li-on, Lid-acid) battery drop the voltage(mean if i connect a volt meter acrose the battery).
    I notice that when i connect a Led in series with a resistor. the voltage drop in this case is from 4.1volt to 3.7volt. it also happen when i connect a transistor with a led.

    Do i design the circuit incorrectly ?

  29. Кристиян Митев

    4:55 Swastika spoted

  30. Кристиян Митев

    4:55 Swastika spoted

  31. I saw your e-mail address! Not a hoax. Just look VERY closely between 1:03 and 1:05.

  32. martijn ellenbroek


  33. Opinion Discarded

    pretty cool

  34. you can't autoroute the pcb?

  35. Computers are making computer parks ITS THE END

  36. Joris Pevcevičius

    Browser-based… WHYYYY?

  37. TCCR0B is not declared in the scope

  38. great scott how do you get your idees