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Double story house for 24 lakhs ? | Low budget house

Explore our low budget house without concrete. It is a cool house with black palm wood. This house is very suitable to hot climate. This house have 4 bedroom, two in ground floor and two in first floor. The total construction cost of this house is 24 lakhs. total area is 2000 square feet. The construction method of this house is foundation in hard rocks and basement in laterite stone. flooring made in marbles and floor tiles. And walls are made in laterite stone. The main specialty of this house is it’s roofing . The ground floor roofs are made with black palm wood, steel and slab clay block. The first floor roofs are done in stress work with GI steel and Mangalore tiles. Totally it is a concrete less house.

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  1. Richard Phillipsz

    Pls provide us proper address

  2. I love it can its possible in pakistan quetta?

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    Super Amazing

  4. Sooper…🥰🥰🥰…. Good Home cooling home@thiz…summer🤗🤗

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    Can u mention contact details?
    Im interested

  6. Beautiful home



  8. No guarantee N No warranty…So safety is a very important issues in this type of houses…

  9. seshu inuganti

    Will you construct it in Visakhapatnam. What is the LIFE of this type of construction

  10. It is possible to buit in chennai
    Contact no

  11. How to make this type voice for videos… Pls… Replay

  12. Which part of Kerala?

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  14. Super where is the place

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  16. Jai Narayan Jha

    How I can purchase this property

  17. Jai Narayan Jha

    Give other details like number of house and area near airport , station,bus stand etc

  18. Very beautiful but no proper location where it is located


    very nice 👍👍

  20. Cost?

  21. Which part of Kerala ?