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  1. The Tfue Double Ramp + wall + Floor challenge, Upload yours and let me know so i can check it out 😀

  2. Kirishanth Rajaraj

    Do you use spam click or turbo build for this?

  3. Just did mine check ot out:) !

  4. Can anyone let me know if I’m pretty good at doing this or not? I did it on console and I wanna know if I should work on it more. The video is on my channel.

  5. Good job but it’s not that hard on pc try console

  6. I found that doing each side to side is much easier to do fast.

  7. Do u use turbo build?

  8. Do you turbo build it

  9. You should be getting much more attention, I have been getting exponentially better and right now I am at rank 30,000. Thanks for making great content I hope that I can get up to your size channel eventually.

  10. Stilgotnothing Jr

    Hey martoz, in your video we're you change the resolution size, in the nvidia control panel, did you get a warning or teems and agreement saying changing you resolution msy cause damage to your monitor.

  11. what region are u from Martoz?!?!??! just curious

  12. I'm gonna learn this just to show off to friends lol

  13. Do you turbo build it

  14. Your better than ninja

  15. Am i the only one who shakes their head when he does stair floor ramp

  16. Yea its hard to do that cos we playing with 200ping

  17. incredible

  18. Impressive.

  19. very skilled player well done

  20. What is the difference between doing this and just doing wall stair

  21. If I see that comming towards me I’ll leave

  22. Matos Dos Santos

    Search noizy he can do it on ps4

  23. SKADAZZLE Trueman

    first day i tried and it was actually really easy guys, just put a little time in and practice 🙂

  24. This is amazing but i really wanna see the enemy’s pov when being pushed with this method