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Do You Need Acoustic Treatment For Your Home Studio? : Making Waves with David Day


Is your mix sounding dull? Are you lacking that low end punch when you listen anywhere except your studio? If so, your mixing room may need acoustic treatment. In this episode of Making Waves, we discuss sound wave reflections, how they might be affecting the way you hear a mix, and the acoustic treatment you’ll need to fix it.

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Video by David Day


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  1. think your for your video

  2. church twozerosixfour

    thanks for the video… also remember, u can skip this whole process, and just mix in your headphones too

  3. Hehehe. Recording a band. Nahh, just a single producer in my room

  4. So I guess I"m the only one who thought the guy in the thumbnail was piediepie?

  5. Thank you!!!!! Easy tips for newcomers as myself.

  6. Best bet is to get old office cubicle partitions. While I worked with Aurelex, had custom designed ones, used office partitions will be just fine unless you like buying overpriced stuff. They usually clean up well and work in small studios. Often you can find them on CList for nothing when those rat bastards at call centers go out of biz. Really. Have tons of them. They work. Recycle and save (the planet). Oh, and don't forget the sonic bounce off the ceiling. A small panel will do. Hey, you can cut them to size with a regular saw circular saw and use a common 2×2 or 2×4 for framing. They are light weight. Works! Now go create something incredible.

  7. 0:31 "you might think to blame your monitors"….well if you're using KRKs, yeah. #Muddy

  8. the table in front of you dude :O early reflections

  9. whats the name of the intro song

  10. Great video!!!
    I wanted to build a home studio from scratch, but I do not know what material do the walls need? Suggestions?

  11. dont glue sound foam directly to your walls! its extremely difficult to remove. instead glue it to pre-cut peg board which is easy to hang and move around!

  12. Why not just use headphones?

  13. or just use a monitor

  14. Very informative 👍🏾

  15. Don't waste your money on the thin, flimsy crap they put on the walls in this video. Look for proper absorption panels/traps designed by acousticians (or build your own with proper materials and dimensions). If the stuff they used worked you wouldn't hear the reflections from his voice. Many good absorbers/traps use semi-rigid fiberglass and are several inches thick (2'x4'x4" is a common size). Some are more complex. A thin bit of foam isn't going to do much if anything. Many diffusers are made of wood but design varies based on your space. Do some research. Hire a pro to consult you if you can afford it (few hundreds bucks) to know what you need for your specific space. Don't use foam.

  16. Cool video, this is the right one.. thanks for this video… really helpfull… greatly indebted to u…..loves from India…..

  17. One of the foam panels is crooked in the background.

  18. This guy has FL Studio on mac in 2016???? woah.

  19. i have an idea…headphones…

  20. Just use headphones. Who cares.

  21. im Ghana, i have tried to buy from adorama but i cant get the option

  22. Sound deflectors and acoustic treatment together? Would that work?