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DIY Kitchen Styling Tips & Design Hacks

House & Home’s Reiko Caron demonstrates how to give your kitchen a quick change for spring. In this bright bistro-style kitchen, Reiko created a stylish cooking station by the range, a breakfast and coffee area on the countertop and a place setting on the kitchen island with stylish and affordable Walmart hometrends™ accessories. Plus, try Reiko’s fresh and easy design hacks! Learn how to turn tea towels into gift-wrap and a plant pot, bowls into packaging and trivets into whimsical art.

Presented by Walmart https://www.walmart.ca/hometrends

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  1. Oh that was just amazing. I was looking for this kind of video but none caught my eye. but wow wonderful video

  2. Dude! this is amazing so many ideas in one small video no bullshit! great job

  3. Take a shot whenever she says "Tea Towel"

  4. so cute 😍

  5. Great advertisement!

  6. She's as adorable as her styling tips! I love tea towels, too. I look for them whenever I'm on vacation and visiting local home decor shops.

  7. Vaishali Sachar

    all this stuff makes the kitchen look and feel so cluttered.

  8. Gracia Inspired

    I've watched this vid soo many times lol, I can't wait to go to Walmart and try these!

  9. I'd never shop at Walmart but those accessories are very cute. Too bad.

  10. Kamalpreet Singhania

    You're a complete genius, you know that? Id follow your own channel if you had one!

  11. Please include links!!

  12. I love Reiko, but damn, that was a lot of tea towels. My friends and I made a drinking game out of this video: you take a shot every time you see a tea towel or Reiko says the words, "tea towel"…we now have liver damage. Have fun, kids!

  13. HERMOSO!!!!

  14. Reiko~!! 😀

  15. tea towel around wine?!?!?! freaking genius. for me.

  16. So love the gold trivets 💗

  17. nice

  18. Jennifer Prevost

    I use to tease my mom about her love of tea towels, and then one day you wake up and realize… I now love tea towels too. 😥

  19. Love the spoon rest! Where is it from?

  20. Great ideas!

  21. Shermayne Brown

    Super cute!

  22. Walmart? Really? How much are they paying you?

  23. Die Familienshow

    I really adore honey comb decoration.

  24. Julia Feliciano

    Very nice 👍🏽

  25. earlyyyy

  26. gotta love Reiko. 🙂 ..great tips! love the trivet in the frame. very cute!

  27. These are great!