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Designing your own PCB

Watch Ryan show you how easy it can be to design your own custom printed circuit board using free downloadable software. If you want an electronics project to be taken seriously, it’s got to have a PCB.


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  1. Awesome Video Dude, Iv worked in the electronics industry for 15 or so years, now I’d like to get into PCB design, my question is, does this software help you identify what components you need to do a certain thing, or is this knowledge you need to already have?

  2. Vvv nice Shafter

  3. When a girl explore the world

    Hi… Thankyou for such a nice tutorial ….do you have any experiance on PADS Dx Designer ( Flow Id: PADS VX.2.1) and PCB layout ….do you have any tutorial on this tool version???

  4. Great tutorial,buddy…thanks so much. Loved the quick descriptive video.

  5. How can I transfer all the layout in bottom to the top layer? thanks

  6. could you design a digital watch with 4 separate digits 1 led light and 1 led light that flashes every 30 seconds that runs on a lithium watch battery?

  7. thanks….

  8. just down loaded the package and found with your tutorial was easy to get making pcbs thank a bunch

  9. Science And Tech

    Awesome!!! I can't believe I am looking at my own prototype 3D PCB right now. I'm sure my design doesn't work because I rushed it and ignored errors xD. But this is exactly what I needed. Next when I compute everything that will be needed in the final version, it will be iterations of increasingly smaller and better working models, and you already answered my question in the video about custom components which will be needed! Next is practice, practice, practice! Thank you Ryan!

  10. Can you export the layout in order to make the board yourself?

  11. If I order PCB from you. What is the cheaper mode of shipment to send PCB? What is the minimum qty. Of PCB to order ? Thanks.

  12. how can i make a pcb layout with only using one layer?

  13. Sir thank you now i can make ECE
    pcb layout


    Hello bro, good day )) i want to ask how to convert it to a single layer? Thanks

  15. can you print the design out?

  16. Awesome, liked, subbed and this is a comment. Why the club dance music though?

  17. Does the software support vacuum tube circuits?

  18. Hello.. I need a help…. what I have to do next?? print it on yellow paper or what?? and what about jumps to be made for design… reply me plz I'll be thankful to you.. I'm a beginner in PCB

  19. Thank you Sir For Helping me to make a pcb…


  21. how can i make single layer pcb?

  22. give me download link pls

  23. Michael Ryan Lenon

    Say i'm gonna print the design into a bond paper, but the sizes of the holes/components are too small. How can I enlarge them?

  24. Can you print out the PCB layout?

  25. what is the other features of the software?

  26. dam need a file for a DLP-USB232M

  27. wheir i can find timer ICs 555

  28. Would I be able to use metric measurements with PCB Creator instead?

  29. Is that diptrace ? thanks

  30. It is possible to export to send project to other manufacturer?

  31. Do you have a price for all that.

  32. nice video!

  33. What could the price be when i order to this much of a board.thnx

  34. I cant find voltage regulator 7805 in its library. how it can be solved?

  35. hey if i wanted to copy a PCB but need to decode the software on it, is there a way to do that? is there some machine or other software that decodes PCB protected software?

  36. How do you add a (9v)in and an (IN) (OUT) places to solder?! That seems to be the only thing I cannot find.

  37. great

  38. .good work .can you give me a link for your software so i download and use it

  39. what's with the low quality of the video? How are you supposed to understand what's going on when you can't even see it?

  40. may i have the link for the video of component editor and pattern editor

  41. Is there a minimum quantity to order?

  42. Henry The Unicorn

    I feel like I should've paid more attention to AP Physics electricity and circuits chapter this year..

  43. VCSekhar Parepalli

    Any tips for free or open source PCB tools that lets us to debug or visualise various circuit-flow scenarios , during the design time ? Thanks in advance.

  44. This was incredibly helpful!

  45. Good bro….. Show some video with single sided pcb…..