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Designing For Super Small Spaces: 5 Micro Apartments

Five micro lofts with clever designs should inspire you to make the most of the space you have.
More architectural and interior design inspirations on http://www.homedesignlove.com
Picture and detail informations: http://www.home-designing.com/2015/05/designing-for-super-small-spaces-5-micro-apartments

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  1. And I thought my 1227sqf apartment is small…

  2. Nice collection of innovative space designs. I would have loved to have seen the floor plans.

  3. Liked. Compared to other videos covering "small" apartments, these really are small. Design? Each to their own. Thanks for sharing 👍

  4. I feel tricked:-(
    Not a single idea for small apartments, just some random pictures stolen from the internet!

  5. The video is excellent.

  6. Not small.

  7. Misceláneos y Más


  8. I like them

  9. These are nice, I like the idea of living without so much stuff, but one day you will be forced into these type of living conditions. Why do you think they have programs for architects to developed Lego type apartments? Little cubicles, the UN will push it, then we will long to see a tree or a mountain. Only the wealthy will be privileged to do so. It is called Agenda 2030, but, they will not be this nice either. Now it is a choice to downsize and people flock to these ideas and it is working. One day, that choice will be made for you.

  10. i dont like this tiny home at all…1st one ive seen thst i did not like something about it. oh well, im sure its someones perfect home!! 😁

  11. جمل☺💖

  12. Extremely uneven editing. Some apts were shown at length and some were just a glimpse. At the end was one that was not even a glimpse. Nice camerawork, but very poor editing.

  13. a place can be small as long as the design of the place is pleasing and u have all u need.

  14. that's not small…

  15. that you said littles homes greece is bigs homes💖

  16. Super gypsum, super perlin…….!!!

  17. My closet is bigger than this shoebox.

  18. Scandinavian design

  19. These aren't micro.

  20. ILoveSweets Always

    These are really beautiful cozy looking apartments.

  21. My favourite is the last design, but the 2nd last apartment's bathroom is my dream bathroom.

  22. I fell in love with the second one! so beautiful

  23. ugly asf

  24. i really love the first design idea.

  25. The ADS are so damn annoying.

  26. appreciate the higg quality images. great inspiration too

  27. Adorable love it

  28. adventuresinfitnessland

    Nice work!

  29. good high quality pictures, appreciate that.

  30. I love these designs