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Design Your Own House. An Introduction to TreblD and SketchUp Tutorials. Part 1

TreblD is a unique 3D Home Design System that works within SketchUp. This Introduction demonstrates the operations and capabilities of TreblD.

All commentary, animations and video prepared by TreblD.

Music Track: “Blue Circles” by the artist: unreal-dm
Available at ccMixter:
Under CC BY license:
“Blue Circles” was edited in length to suit the timeline of the video to which it was applied. The artist unreal-dm provides the music via Creative Commons licence and in no way endorses TreblD or the content of this video.

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  1. Now i can stop using minecraft to build my dream house models.

  2. Idk if I will get a reply back on this question but is there such a thing of a duplex house with a loft inside of it just curious ?

  3. The sweat on Jimin's abs

    Finally, I can use this to make my Phantomhive manor properly.

  4. How about existing floor plan but adding extension..do I download my existing floor plan first? Pls advise. Tks

  5. can u help me on my house design plz ?? 🙁

  6. Pritam Sadanand Khandare

    thank you sir

  7. what is this?

  8. Nomawonga Winnie Mpofu

    Can I use This to design my African lodge house? I like It…


    3d home architecher software downlod

  10. can i transfer designs to archcad

  11. The problem is i want a curved part (like a circle) on each corner of the house going up all the way to the roof (I want a small castle basically 4 stories 4 towers and its giant) and this website cant do everything i want And need. And a dream home is what you want, a perfect home is what you need.

  12. my problem with designing a house is… I'm too used to how my house look as well as the local housing designs…
    so its kinda feels monotone in some way. The outer look is far from what I wanted , but I just can't picture exactly what I hope for… you know what I mean? >.<

    and then, for the interior, I'm pretty confident in it thou… since I've seen lots of interiors and its easier to make pretty for the eyes. And I like them simple, cozy, tidy, yet not too crowded / cramped. Interior-wise, I like them either open plan or studio style.

  13. Андреев Виталий

    Hello. On 0:451:00 u have shown a typical models for diferent rooms and kinds of stairs. tell me please, were can i get this?