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Dallas Modern Home Selected by AIA

http://dallasmodernhomes.com/ Architect Graham Greene of Oglesby-Greene designed a contemporary home on an extraordinary site, high on a bluff, overlooking White Rock Creek in the gated community of the Glen Abbey neighborhood. Nature becomes the central design element of this home as the glass walls of windows provide transparency for the meandering streams, waterfalls, koi ponds, and the negative edge pool found in the garden. The distant view is of White Rock Creek and endless treetops in the distance. Engineering and materials are combined to create open, dynamic and intimate spaces. The Dallas Chapter of AIA has chosen the home both for architectural awards and for the location of the patron party for the AIA Modern Home Tour.

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  1. Is beautiful but no privacy

  2. transcended,delineated,even sunlight,glass wood, stone… 23 ft tall windows, a coy pond,glazed opening… lots of spaces, a pool terrace with a negative edge pool, a master wing, offices on 2 floors,watch the wildlife-probably neighbors fucking thru the telescope… stupid fucking narrator. You suck

  3. Very beautiful house

  4. Сергей Котов


  5. How much it worth?
    What cost to sustain living in this home?

  6. Jana Elizabeth Sekelski

    Absolutlly stunning…wow!!

  7. J Webster Smith II

    Amazing architecture. This host has a great delivery. He has a charisma reminiscent of a Walt Disney or someone from earlier programs. It's refreshing, especially in these days and times.

  8. Most romantic

  9. who put this boring man into the video !!

  10. It is lovely and I can appreciate the design but I can't say I found it inviting. I never found myself saying God I'd love to live there and that says it all.

  11. Oh I wish I could afford all that glass, steel beam, wood and rock the perfect elements for living, Oh wishing well, wish me my wishes, lol

  12. what about crocodile?

  13. Toby's daddy토비대디


  14. Boring narrator

  15. only face of speaker

  16. That guy scares me

  17. It reminds me of a fishbowl, only more sterile. No thanks

  18. Good luck keeping all that glass clean.

  19. Listed for 8 million. For that price the glass better be ballistics proof grade.

  20. 龍Kin shun Sharon lung sha sha

    Sharon lung kin shun.own. 东西 土地 房屋。

  21. Alexanуdr Ivanko


  22. Boring presenter

  23. So beautiful greens. ♡♡ Love the architecture.

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  25. Smart Cat Collar Project

    Looks very nice, but now that I live in an apartment where nearly half of the walls are glass, I understand it's not that easy ! View is a dream (at least when weather conditions are not too ugly), but heating and cooling is a pain ! You need to be able to hide all this glass from the sun at times, that's east. south and western sides, and maintaining a constant temperature is a permanent struggle.

  26. People are complaining and inputting their irrelevant opinions about this home, like they own it or will ever! This home was architecturally, strategically built from every detail!

  27. If one is concerned about keeping the glass clean, you're in the wrong socioeconomic milieu.
    Money, what money? Just pay the man.