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Cute As A Button Tiny House Cottage

For sale here: https://tinyhouselistings.com/listing/webster-mass-12-seagrass-two-tiny-house

This beautiful tiny house has a first floor bedroom, it also has a loft accessed by stairs with storage underneath, and a second loft accessed by a ladder.

There is a LG washer/ dryer stainless steel combo. Also an induction cooktop sits in the counter which has the look of concrete. There is an apron farm sink with a brushed nickel faucet. A Breville XS800XL oven sits atop the counter beneath open shelving to store your dishes.

The heat & air conditioning is supplied by a 12,000 BTU Pioneer Minisplit unit. There are 19 special order slim architecturally designed (Harvey) windows to enhance the look of the ” tiny home”.

The bathroom has a traditional flush toilet with a small porcelain sink and a 32″ one piece fiberglass shower and an exhaust fan mounted in the ceiling.
There are sliding doors on the bathroom and first floor bedroom the save on swinging door space.
There is also an outdoor shower on the back of the house. A galvanized steel entry light and a security spotlight at the front peak have been installed.
The Haier 10.1 cubic foot stainless refrigerator is conveniently housed in the top platform of the stairs.The Steibel- Eltron 6 gallon on demand water heater is mounted under a kitchen cabinet.”

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  1. what is that next to entrance steps looks like a dead animal ???

  2. Video is not good;(

  3. Love this ☝️

  4. Where's the space/storage for clothing in any of the bedroom areas?

  5. Back to Nature Living

    I love this tiny house. Everything is where you would want them. I love how you put the bedroom on the main floor along with the kitchen and bathroom. I love the white with the sea green walls. Very pretty. It is nice to have the toilet turned the way it is and the laundry machine in the kitchen where you can do your laundry and fold them on the kitchen counters.The windows and exterior are awesome, too! Great Tiny House. Thanks for the video.

  6. Love the downstairs bedroom and two lofts! One loft would be great for yoga and meditation! Also love the aqua and brown combo …thinking of doing the same! Thanks for sharing~

  7. Maybe it’s because I have headphones on or something but this video was not hard to hear at all? There were a couple of moments where it was muffled but otherwise was fine.
    House is beautiful but a fully functioning kitchen is key for my lifestyle as well as a slightlyyyyy larger bathroom. Otherwise this was beautiful!

  8. The home is very nice but you should have professionals make your video.

  9. I so don't understand WHY folks have to get so Snarky & Rude! Yes, our lady didn't speak loud enough – turn up your speakers. Yes, she was too close and too fast with her video – but do you Have to be so ugly 'expressing' your displeasure? Many folks voiced their complaints without all of the UGLINESS! Try it sometime, you might even feel better! BE NICE about it. Yes, she needs to know just how folks are seeing and hearing what she conveying but Do It being nice! That's the way I feel about it! And the Tiny House – Sweet! Nice that you do have some options. Wondering if there are any closets, clothing storage? I do like the bedroom on the main floor. And possibly loft storage moved to under the master bedroom. Interesting.

  10. Speak up. Grrrrrrrr

  11. Very nice tiny house. I didn't have any problems with the sound – I just turned up the volume.

  12. Beautful house, terrible tour. Bad photography, sound of heavy breathing would better in a porn video.

  13. Damn things are TOO over priced….probably used like $15,000 worth of building material to make it plus the appliances….rip off
    Fuck you

  14. Couldn't finish watching; rapid camera movement made it impossible to watch. Cannot make out what narrator/ camera person is saying! Very frustrating because what I could see of this house was very nice, and deserved a much better presentation. Please consider re-doing this video with one person filming, and a second person narrating. And back up so we have some perspective. Thanks!

  15. Here’s a suggestion. Maybe you could watch the video before you post it !…just because it’s a tiny house you don’t have to speak with a tiny voice….this is crazy !

  16. The audio is terrible it’s very distracting !…. What’s REALLY going on here ….

  17. Shoddy tour. Poor quality.

  18. Southern Hemisphere

    Can it survive a hurricane or any natural disaster?

  19. The volume was to low and the camera was mostly pointed at the wall. can't tell if its cute as a button.

  20. Lovely home, thanks for sharing!

  21. shitty volume on this vid

  22. I love it. Can the ladder be moved when not in use?

  23. i like this home except the sm fridge. outside shower is a new one i haven't seen . volume was bad didn't get a word when woman was outside and inside had to strain to catch some not all of what was being said.

  24. Very nice thank you for sharing. Video is hard to hear but other than that great. 👍🤘✌🐈

  25. Sorry I can"t hear

  26. Really inept and inefficient tour… The actual house is really cute and great, though. And can these tours please stop wasting one third of it staring at the wood siding on the outside?

  27. Cute but could not hear hardly any of it. Also, don't move camera around so fast so people can actually enjoy seeing it. It's a sweet space, bathroom is fair, wasted some space, but still nice. Saw no closets. Good luck!

  28. I didn't see one place to store clothes. No closets or shelves.

  29. Love your Martha Vineyard sign. My husband and I got married there in front of the Edgartown light house 😍

  30. How long did it take to build?

  31. How much did this cost?

  32. Can’t hear you!

  33. Lots of room for its size. Very impressive.

  34. Sorry but your speaking to low!

  35. Is this usable in winter in the high mountains at 30 below?

  36. The one thing I really dislike about tiny homes are the ones with lofts! I wouldn't want to clim a ladder or stairs to get to my bed. With my bladder early morning & late nights would be a problem for me. I don't do adult diapers well.