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Creating Our First Floor Plan in Layout – SketchUp Apartment Interior Design Modeling 4

In today’s video, we’re going to add flooring materials to our SketchUp model, then we’re going to generate our first floor plan view, export to Layout, and create our first architectural floor plan!

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  1. Hello!
    Im just a subscriber but i have problems with layout
    Because im learning sketchup and layout for my gcse dnt
    We have to layout with orthographic projections (with the symbol) , exploded view with DIMENSIONS in layout and i have seen the playlist but it doesnt really help me , we dont use scenes so yea

  2. He Justin, i just stumbled upon the extension sdm floor generator. Do you know it? It looks quite awesome!

  3. Oscar Falcón Lara

    Good one. Thanks, Justin!

  4. very nice more aritectur stuff pleas justin i like it thanks

  5. Loved it, Great Job!

  6. THANK YOUUUUU KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK ……. really appreciate your existence bro … you helped me alot …

  7. can you do some vray rendering tutorial ?