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Costa Rica Treehouse Designs, Plans, Eco Friendly Blueprints for Tropical Floor Plans.

Tree house plan ideas online, tropical house, blueprints for tropical homes and houses in Central America. The best collection of Eco Friendly Free House Plan designs and ideas in Central America. Free house plan ideas on line workshop forums. On line Consultation for Sustainable living plans and house plans, floor plans that move air, block sun and allow light with good traffic patterns. consultant and eco-architect, Home floor plan ideas can be found on my website. Images and photos of homes, houses, hotels, eco projects and beach houses. For a small hotel or eco development to be truly Green, Construction must also be truly green. The environment and community must be considered as # 1 priority in your building footprint. Your project should benefit community and environment. LEED, sustainable architecture, ecological, environmentally friendly materials protect the environment. Eco, Home, environmental, affordable, architecture, firms, economical, mixed use, energy-efficient, institutional, construction, development on line Collections and Custom Home Designs. Costa Rica Sustainable Living and Architectural Consultation.I can help organize your design thoughts on paper, into a house plan that meets your living needs. Designing around nature and the natural rhythms of the environment is important. Designing custom eco homes in Central America, Costa Rica,
Architectural portfolio of Green Projects and On line photo gallery –
I can help your home plans or eco – project on paper. Send me an e-mail , call for free consultation. Tell me more about your project, send photos of your lot, homesite or ocean view property.
Once I know your design requirements. I can usually sketch out a conceptual to scale, open air floor plan and home design for under $750-$1500, which is very affordable for LEED architectural advice. and green concepts for your eco design. If you are interested in custom home designs in Costa Rica, my retainer is $1000 which includes the first 14 hrs. Contacting me 1st, before you build, is just smart architectural common sense. $ 1000-$2000 spent now will save you $10K worth of changes later. DEsigning and working as an architect in Costa Rica, with references in Panama and USA as well! osamike@gmail.com. / 508-714-0622. E-mail me if you would like architectural references. Don’t confure us with Matt and Ericas Bella Vista treehouse community, as we , Lapas Nest Treehouse is near Puerto Jimenez and Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica treehouses in rainforest.

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  3. You can buy those now for under $1/W and $15 shipping (at least to NY where I live). I'm not part of the company ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM but I would feel bad to see people pay $300 for one of them if they can get it for half.
    Dude, I like your videos but lets try to make solar more affordable!
    Go Solar! and please like this to get it up higher in the comment list…