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Contemporary Home Design with Two Toned Architecture To mak Stylish and Attractive Look

Contemporary Home Design – Balmoral House by Fox Johnston Architects is a contemporary home tucked in the hills of a Sydney suburb called Mosman. Designed to separate different areas from each other by levels, the metal clad angular structure provides each zone with required privacy and comfort.

Its two-toned architecture makes for a stylish and attractive look. And to make it a dream home, the architects completed it with a swimming pool and a green yard, that corresponds beautifully with the green locale.

To make the most of the views, the living and dining rooms were located on the upper levels. This gave the rooms’ wall-sized windows a live mural look. Even transitional spaces in the house are open to those gorgeous vistas outside.

The sleeping quarters and bathrooms kept in a privacy of a fenced yard have their fair share of daylight and views, although more casual and homely.

All the wall-sized windows as well as the entrances feature curtains to control the amount of light, and provide with privacy when necessary. The kitchen additionally features shutters.

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