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  1. Beautiful job! I love how you kept the homes original style in tact while adding modern and classic features. Could you please list the paint colors if possible?

  2. Absolutely beautiful renovation!

  3. I like how you gave the impression of more space by takeing away part of the wall in the kitchen. I also like the paneling throughout the home.

  4. I Want to talk with somebody of this company we bought a house in Bergen Nj one word (it is small ) I’m kinda regretting this decision we made because several motives …our street door leads right to the kitchen and right into the boiler room!!! That go Next is a creepy small bathroom and then a living room than has potential but small a second floor with only 1 big bedroom and 2 closet size rooms that the past owners called them bedrooms… I feel very bad because I made a huge mistake by buying the house but I would like to see if you guys can come a visit us and see what can be done for a little family thank you very much for your answer

  5. Beautiful, inspiration!!!

  6. Beautiful results!! Very inspirational

  7. FABULOUS! 😍

  8. Your home is beautiful

  9. beautiful home, love this!!

  10. What's that paint color in the older boys room? The grey btw cause I really love it

  11. Bad Drivers Of The Illawarra

    Wow, what a gorgeous house. Well done.

  12. Hello my dear Woww I'm so happy for you what a great house I would like to ask you what's the name of the style ?? I really love it I see a lot in America and I'm in love I would like to use here in London

  13. Stunning. =)

  14. Can anybody send me the info of this company.

  15. Where do you put your furniture & belongings during a remodel?

  16. Golden Acre Renovations

    Amazing job! #GoldenAcreRenovations

  17. Job well done missing a soft song though

  18. Beautiful home! What is the color of the wall paint going up the stairs and down the hallway? love the color

  19. Hey Whitney if u had been a artist u just finished ur masterpiece !! What eye for design !! Looks beautiful may I ask the wainscot are they panels or custom done with trim ? Thank u

  20. We just did a renovation similar to yours

  21. lovely work!

  22. Gorgeous! Thank you for posting this, it will help tremendously with my 1948 colonial renovation in NC.

  23. amazing job!

  24. I think you're exceptional, I appreciate what's you're doing here

  25. We just purchased our first home (1918 colonial) that needs to be fully renovated.  Your video was extremely helpful and has given us great ideas for our home.  May I ask if you kept the original hardwood floors and had them refinished, or did you replace them?  Also, were there any websites or online stores that you found useful during your research?  Thank you for sharing this video of your beautiful home!

  26. You really have a beautiful home!

  27. I think you needed another color to bring warmth into a few areas.  In combination with the lack of personal items, it felt more than a little cold, although beautifully done.

  28. You have made a pretty home stunning. Using some of your ideas will help me in an 1930's flat in England. Thank you.