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  1. Very well thought through throughout. From the choice of doors, exposed wood beams…lighting. dark brown wood cabinets which I love (not for everyone).

    Wood floor in one of the bathroom? One thing I wouldn't have done.

    Any reason why the basement wasn't shown?? :)) Where was this building site? 🙂 Asking price for this obviously model home…?

  2. Jenean McBrearty

    Not so much….the counter looks like a Woolworth's lunch counter, and there's no window over the sink. The bath tub is ugly. The island in the closet is inconvenient….you have to walk around it. The upstairs windows are to high, so there's no view. Hallways are wasted space. The long one leading to a deck? No one would sit there…too narrow. Bedrooms are too tiny. The whole place feels cramped. I'd give it a C-

  3. So beautiful! I love it!

  4. Do you have floor plans?

  5. who is the builder please?

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