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  1. Marek Świdziński

    Super.Robi impression. What Chinese people will not come up with.

  2. I would really love a home like this, i have never owned a home, am 54 working the same job for 18 yrs and counting, God, please send an Angel to buy one for me please.

  3. المسافرة الى القمر

    رائع جدااااا اكتير حلووو😍😍😍😍

  4. Taheerah Chestnut


  5. Where is the toilet?

  6. Awesome!!! I love it🙃

  7. Made in China is Dangerous..

  8. Never be homeless again

  9. What about utilities?

  10. Does it withstand strong winds, hurricanes? Is it waterproof? Do the hinges rust over time due to weather changes? How well insulated is it? Great idea, but I have major concerns as to how safe is a house like this.

  11. No bathroom so we have to go shit outside

  12. Electrical supply ? Heating and air ?
    Plumbing washer and dryer?
    Hot water ?
    Insulation ?
    Kitchen ?
    Love the concept with understanding how the above is implemented functionally before or after makes it an ideal consideration depending on price application and availability.

  13. Electricity, water, sewage?

  14. Nice idea but most stuff made in China is crap

  15. António Margalho

    Yeah, but will it pass the "drunk dock worker" test? That thing would be ravaged in a couple of days.

  16. Hey, I don't mind one for cottage home.

  17. This is great, when your city charges to much taxes, you can just get up and go :o)

  18. Only in China

  19. 👍

  20. Estos cabrones son una vergas.

  21. If connections are installed for the tubes, gaz line and Central heating, a clean Solution is born, to realize Homes for foreign refugees

  22. Ателье Прицепов - Studio Trailers

    Хорошенький контейнер

  23. Breathing in the lead paint and toxic chinese chemicals used in making that the cheapest way possible…would kill you in less then a years time living in it…