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Checking Out New Japanese House Design and Technology

How about, on a single plot of land, there was a host of custom home builders, showing off their latest designs and tech? This is a Japanese Housing Exhibition Center.

If you’re looking to visit one of these Housing Exhibition Halls, I suggest searching for the term “住宅展示場” in Google Maps. It should pull up a few options.

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  1. I love your videos, love Japan and Japanese culture… To bad I'm too tall to live in Japan ;).

  2. How do the Japanese view nudity and privacy? It appears that bathrooms often have clear glass – that would not suit me at all.

  3. I love the look of modern Japanese houses!

  4. When do the exhibition homes go on sale? Could I get it cheaper?

  5. Love from india

  6. What would be the price of such houses? :O

  7. From where I’m from, we buy anything they build, no exhibit is needed…

  8. I was living very close to a exhibition center in Setagaya and walked through it nearly every day. Once in a while I also had a look inside, which was quite fun and interesting. I also wanted to compare for example the insulation technology to my country's (Germany) technology and found out that compared to the average houses in Japan, these model houses have a pretty good insulation which is quite close to what I know from Germany.

  9. In Japan you can really live with quality provided that you are rich enough.

  10. The post videos to prove there better than country's

  11. any idea for the price for those house?

  12. Thank you. If you could make a longer video I would love to see all exhibits because I live in Europe but this is great for inspiration. Also my friend works as an architect so I'm sure she would like to see more as well.

  13. Just subbed to your channel and can't get enough of your videos! New fan❤️

  14. Whoa! Those storage options are amazing!

  15. Hello. Enjoy your videos. Have a question. In the US when you build a house, you hire a contractor and buy plans. You can build basically whatever you want. In Japan, can you do that? Thank you.

  16. always excited to learn about japan 😀

  17. Ahh these are so nice, thank you for making videos like these!

  18. Is there a price tag on these exhibition houses or do they quote case by case on your specific needs?

  19. Great Videos 🙂

  20. Your voice seems kind which is rad

  21. perfect

  22. oh man, I'd go there just to hang out and spend the day. Everything looks so interesting, a little like a science fair haha

  23. i want this house SO BAD!!

  24. 黄月晶violanita

    I like this very much, very useful, since I'll be moving to Japan in few years from now, so I found that your channel help me to know a lot of stuffs that normally ppl don't share on public.. thankyou for sharing.. can't wait for the next video ✌🏻

  25. is it me, or does this guy sound like Yandere Dev?

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  29. I had gone Tokyo Japan last year I loved Japan btw I am from India

  30. 5:40 I want that gold roof elephant. XD

  31. There was a really cool home exhibition center inside Osaka Stadium in the 90s. It made for some awesome photos: https://openspace.sfmoma.org/2009/11/photo-now2/

  32. Where I'm from (Seattle), similar exhibitions of overpriced model homes are called "Street of Dreams".

  33. Now for the BIG question: If youre looking for a home like that what do YOU do for a living dad?

  34. LWIF – What would be the cost of that 1-room you showed at the end of the video?

  35. Do some more food/restaurant videos

  36. Kawaii Productions

    Very fascinating

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