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Calabasas Remodel: Kitchen, Dining, Laundry Room Tour

See how we brought the heart of the home together in our newest webisode. The Calabasas Remodel continues! FULL PHOTO TOUR: http://bit.ly/2IswLjT

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  1. Wow your work is amazing! How much of an overhang on the island?

  2. Such as inspiration for my kitchen remodel. What paint color/brand did you use for the white cabinets? Thx.

  3. Love the blue island. Great tip about the kitchen cabinets!

  4. Previous design styles really just don't cut it. There has been so much improvement in just the last 3-5 years in home design.

  5. Courtney De La Torre

    LOVE the countertops! Can you tell us what they are?

  6. This has to be one of my favorite of the kitchens/laundry spaces y'all have done! I love the blue island, blue cabinets, blue cement tile…see the trend here? lol

  7. I love your work. It has inspired the way I decorate and design my own home!

  8. You have pretty eyes

  9. omg those tiles!!!

  10. What is the blue color name? and what paint?

  11. Navy blue has been my favorite color since I was little.
    That pop of color on that island color is on point. 👌
    Love that backsplash.

  12. everything is just perfect

  13. Can you share the paint color from the island and the laundry room cabinets? Is this the same blue from the previous home with the two adorable dogs – Newburyport Blue?

  14. love it!

  15. O my gosh ! My favourite kitchen remodel is here! Extremely beautiful and charming!😍😍😍

  16. I agree, cabinets all the way to the ceiling look so much better. Gosh, this is a dream kitchen!

  17. U and your team did a great job it look beautiful.

  18. Michelle Della Santa

    Love your work! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your sources! In the middle of a renovation and it would help tremendously to know name/type of island countertop. Can you please Share the counter used? Is it quartz by caesarstone in color named blizzard?

  19. What material is used on each countertop? They seem to have good wear and tear

  20. What a motivation😊😊

  21. I want to live in the laundry room!! I love every little detail, especially the floor tile. One thing I've noticed about the design work y'all do is the attention to detail. Any chance for great style and design, y'all have it covered!!

  22. Spectacular! Really inspired by your design, the time put into to the details and line of sight makes for a wonderful cohesive picture. Great work!

  23. 😍

  24. Please share the paint colors used on the walls and cabinets.

  25. Love that island …. the contrasting color really works well.

  26. just watching i know i am late lol. #justbeautiful. #welldone #studiomcgee

  27. Wow!!!!!!! This is the most stunning kitchen and laundry room I’ve ever seen!!!!! I LOVE the blue on the island and in the laundry room, and I love the laundry room floor tiles!!! This space is literally breathtaking!!

  28. I’m crying this is so beautiful

  29. Loooove the blue in the kitchen island and laundry room!!! And the herringbone pattern backsplash looks great! What a nice, huge, pretty space – amazing you all!!!

  30. I love the kitchen back splash and the navy blue colour. Blue is my favorite colour! The laundry tile is beautiful, could you share where is it from? and what color is that blue?
    Also love the desk and stool. Love you work ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Love it!!! But just wondering about the lack of lighting above the dining table. I hope they won't be having dinner at night in the dark?

  32. Olga, Anatoliy Artemenko

    Love your style, amazing work

  33. I love it!!!’ Everything about it 😍🤗

  34. Very gorgeous!

  35. What is going on in the panty? Did you do white cabinets? I’m so curious


  37. indie.listener#1717

    I'm so glad I came across this YouTube channel. Every time I see a new video from Studio McGee on my homepage, I get giddy with excitement. I take away so many design ideas. Keep up the great work! ^.^

  38. Attention to detail is spot on👌🏾….and blue being my favourite colour makes this project more appealing💙💙…will always love your work🙏🏾🙏🏾

  39. Awesome! what paint color did you use for the island?

  40. The kitchen is beautiful 😍😍😍. I love when the cabinets can go all the way up to the ceiling 👍 and the kitchen island is perfect!