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Building a Shipping Container Home | EP02 Moving, Cutting, and Framing a Container House

In Episode 2 of How to Build a Shipping Container House we will go over how to move shipping containers with a crane and place them onto the concrete foundation. I will show how I cut openings for doors and windows in the shipping containers and then welded in different types of steel reinforcement. We started the process of installing the plumbing in the floor of the container and show how we had to cut away some of the steel beams to make room for the pipes. I will also talk about how the structural requirements for reinforcing shipping containers and outline the wood structural system we installed in the container.

Link to the company i bought my shipping containers from: https://www.containerdiscounts.com/buy-shipping-containers-and-build-a-container-home

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Shop the Container Home: https://www.homedepot.com/c/openhouse
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The website for this project is now up. We will keep adding to it so please be patient. https://www.themodernhomeproject.com/

Links and Notes:
GoalZero solar panel and power packs:

Eric’s instagram account:

The Forney Welder I used for all the welding:

Ryobi Angle Grinder

Ridgid Angle Grinder

Buying the Shipping Containers:
We purchased one trip condition hi-cube containers. California requires that shipping containers used for homes have documentation showing that have not had toxic or radioactive materials in them. This normally means that you need one trip condition containers with appropriate certificates. I bought my containers from
and paid $4800 each for the 40-foot hi-cube containers and $3250 for the 20-foot hi-cube container. Hi-cube containers are a foot taller than typical shipping containers.

Check out HomeMade Modern our DIY Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/HomeMadeModern/videos

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  1. Can you buy these homes already built if you own land so you can have it placed there. I would love to have one of these and can bugs get in.

  2. Thanks for showing the details.

  3. you forgot to paint the frame with base, desert or not, it will start getting rusty inside! otherwise great job!

  4. Is it possible to be builder in the cities just finding a place to fit ?

  5. In all the TV improvement shows I have seen as well as this video, the town planners and inspectors seem so pedantic about so many things, except proper window flashings to prevent water ingress. All that work adding the timber framing in case someone doesn't keep the containers strong in case of rust, only to rely on sealing up the windows with caulk. Seems ridiculous.

  6. This is awesome, my dream is to build one of these in the most beautiful places with one container for living, one for a studio, and another for people to stay. I really hope the world moves this way. Thank you for showing it all!

  7. Im falling asleep to this goodnight hallway house maker men.

  8. I always though that the bottom of such containers are made of a solide, tight steel plate. Here the bottom just steelbeams and plywood boards. Sometime you can see in a ship desaster, that container are able to swim – but not those with the plywood bottom, aren't they?

  9. just wondering y you didn't`t rase the corner piers up to accommodate the plumbing ? freeze? love the container theme…. ….happy trails…

  10. there are enough wood inside the container to build a house….

  11. Too much expensive work consuming time and money.

  12. price for permits?

  13. I gave it a thumbs down due to lack of technical information.

  14. It's just like a shack.. the wooden structure covered with galvanizing! If they just used normal galvanizing instead of a container.. wouldn't the actual costs be less? all the cutting.. what's the point?

  15. patent #9340945 Bob 16604892345 foundational ground anchor , supports 15 tons , installs in 15 minutes , for container homes

  16. Mobile trailers…as I. Homes. This is how they got the idea

  17. Good lord, if you have to build an entire frame within the container what is even the point? You really wanted to live in narrow metal box, didn't ya?

  18. this guy should not be giving welding tip hahaha

  19. Swalahudheen Sidheeque

    Engineers can do it
    well &simply

  20. i'm no professional welder, but I noticed you were welding down a vertical seam. as i understand this isn't recommended as slag and flux will fall down and contaminate your weld

  21. I'm not even building a shipping container home lol Very Interesting – I'm Inspired!!!

  22. samantha santelis

    please, we are waiting for the episode 4

  23. watching this and you listing all the regulations and permits and shit makes me so glad I dropped architecture as a major

  24. No point in all that framing. You have built a building within a steel box. You could have just built a normal wood frame building. You have taken so much interior space by doing this. You are in the desert. It is not likely to rust and collapse on you! I like the use of containers as a living space but it has to be really well thought out or you just waste money on something that is a poor compromise.

  25. Considering all the internal framing you're doing, it doesn't seem that the container itself has brought much benefit to your construction. Or put another way, you've built a house inside a box, with all the extra work necessary to work within the limitations and peculiarities of the container. I can't see the value of the container in this case…

  26. Coisa bem boa

  27. Why did you not even out the windows in the middle or center out the windows in the middle

  28. Don't like the video because is not finish. Too much work. In my town 3 man build in 7 days a complete house like the same size you are working. Why in desert???

  29. Just wondering for the interior pipes, it seems a lot of builders use PEX tubing for water. Was this not feasible for the container?

  30. Seems to me that you paid dearly for something that you could have achieved at half the price with more room. Cool video as an example in what NOT to do in building construction……My Opinion, I know.

  31. Wow a complete a to z container construction. The first ever. Subscribe

  32. johann rüstmann

    Interesting house of steel . So much work, but I like it. I like beer too !

  33. For all you experts out there. What are the general state regulations on movable structure (ie, van dwelling) over a ready made foundation (ie, sewage & water)? I don't want to live in a trailer park but I am also a bourgeois hipster.

  34. Considering the interior framing, etc. what was the reason or purpose of using a shipping container in this construction?

  35. I bet living inside those containers sure hott

  36. Building code? If you use just one its still a container. Use connections that can be taken apart and move the thing if anyone acts like it's a permanent structure. Or build it up on a 40 container trailer and park it at a deck. And a moveable deck at that. When the building code wants to mess with you park at a neighbors property for a while or behind a warehouse.

  37. LOVE the amount of detail; Sincerely, thank you for being the PERFECT balance of fun, and informative. Easy to watch, easy to follow, feeling confident to try myself now!

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    Contact : lord.help100@yahoo.com