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Building a Modern Home – Vlog #6 – Start on Framing and Design Changes

We finally got out of the ground to where we can make some progress. The rain has been relentless and I also waited on my favorite crew so that they could finish up another job before starting mine. This site has been a challenge but I feel like the train has left the station and we can boogie now 🙂 Wooot!

You can follow this project here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRuOUUxomySJzQXLnZPIwBEV0zz5rTXo1

Music: The music “The Artisan Way” was written and performed for my channel by my son, Barret. His channel is here http://www.youtube.com/user/insanedrummer89

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  1. its wood not lumber, stupid americans

  2. You should look at the modern houses in California Hollywood

  3. Tony, did you just decide to stop showing work on this project? I thought it would be an interesting build.


  4. Has anybody seen "Building a Modern Home – Vlog #7 can't seem to find it

  5. Is there going to be "the rest of the story" for this build? :-/

  6. Jon amber homestead

    we go to tn all the time to sams club looking good

  7. Looks good, now keep us updated…PLEASE

  8. Can't wait for the next installment.

  9. Great stuff, cant wait for your videos!

  10. Awesome dad! Can't wait to help again.

  11. The water line through the conduit is a most excellent tip.
    I wish my last house had that. It was an older American 4 Square, and in order to replace the water line I would have had to prop up the porch and remove one of the porch support footings in order to get to it.

    I moved.

  12. Looking good Tony!!

  13. That's a good looking house, Artisan Tony.  You're the man, anchoring the house to the side of the hill, with a good concrete foundation. ….. There's suppose to be, a big 'rainstorm' El Nino, this winter out on the West Coast. ……. Mostly likely, we'll see homes being washed away from the hillsides of Hollywood. ……. As the movie-stars ride their homes downhill like skateboarders, we'll hear them cry out, "We should have hired Artisan Tony, as our home builder, to the movie-stars!!!"  …… In the construction videos, Artisan Tony demonstrates how to build a house with a solid foundation.

  14. Looking great Tony! That garage is the perfect height for a 4 post lift.

  15. I did not think of doing 2 sizes of siding. That is cool. Love the open wood. Hope you keep up on the videos. God Bless Brother

  16. looks good… had to do the "drop joist" myself on a house for a client with accessible needs 👍