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30 X 40 (28 X 38 ) East face house plan walk through

This is the house plan walk through Let’s see the vedio Ground floor plan #2 ...


  1. OceanBlueLady/ Jacki

    Just curious, but can you remember how much did you pay for the lumber at the end of this video? Please, It will help me to determine what I'll need for my project! Great video share! 👍

  2. Gustavo Perius

    Hello how are you? I'm from Brazil. I want to build my house in wood frame system and I have some doubts. What are the dimensions of the timber used for the floor and wall? Is the spacing 16 or 24 inches? What kind of wood did you use for the floor and walls? Thank you.

  3. Shannan Schisler

    I check a lot of woodworking handbooks. These one from woodprix are the best.

  4. Egor Biletskiy

    If you want to make your own woodworking yourself just look for woodprix website. There is all you need to make it 🙂

  5. Nannette Battista

    I found very accurate plans on the stodoys website.

  6. this guy is an idiot, backfilled with clay with no signs of perimeter drains or rain water leaders, etc etc. Plus who uses hollow cmu's instead of cast in place concrete??? Moron!!

  7. NO1 Building Inspections Brisbane

    How much did it cost you on materials all together?

  8. Alistair Kendall

    What a waste of time this video is, its just quick shots of things that have happened??? Why???

  9. did you put a D PC between the block work and the wall plate. I didn't notice one

  10. Just curious, how can this crawl space be sealed when you have no gravel or vapor barrier in place? you would think that this would be done before the floor joists are even put in.

  11. Wtf! Did he say bears out there?

  12. Sulaiman the Pro


  13. My construction teacher paused your video at 3:28 , saying that you've made a pretty obvious mistake-
    The header that is above the door frame is on the wrong side, you're supposed to flip it onto it's side. If you don't, it won't hold up as much weight.

  14. what is the square footage of home

  15. robert rutkowski

    Elle est A chier ta video

  16. Михаил Юсупов

    Привет из России! Отличная работа! Супер!

  17. Gonna ask a dumb question….but, why dont more people use screws instead of nails?…screws dont back out..just asking

  18. why do people in tornado areas build wood homes? Concrete is not much more expensive. A lot safer too.

  19. what part of GA is this?

  20. Caleb Whittington

    Why would anyone do a block perimeter foundation like this? Why not do a block pillars?

  21. MetusBatman V4

    How the fuck did the nail rust that quickly? Fucking amateur hour…

  22. 5:22 was tat real? lol

  23. seal the foundation completely – lay some plastic, poor a concrete pad. when the house is built – just install a dehumidifier in the crawl space. screen and vents do not keep critters out. I use to live in north carolina – seal it up and use a dehumidifier in your crawl space. the humidity was worse on my sailboat, but if a dehumidifier will work to keep my sailboat dry and mold free – it will work on your crawl space

  24. the house will rot if you don't have ventilation beneath it unless it's a slab. I know this from personal experience. because, the daytime heat from the sun will pull moisture from the earth and without ventilation it will remain there until the next day and the cycle will begin again and continue as the sun pulls moisture from the earth as a sweating action and the moisture cannot escape and rot will devolve the structure.

  25. Smooth driving by the truck driver.

  26. No water no electricity??

  27. JeK l3löödmöön

    what kind of wood is this? sorry im new to this