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Build a home in 8 weeks with Precast Concrete Homes.

This video shows the construction method used by Precast Concrete Homes. It demonstrates the efficiency of building with precast concrete panels and how a typical 4 bedroom home can be completed in 8 weeks. Compared to brick veneer this is up to 16 weeks faster meaning owners get into their homes faster and builders can complete more projects each year.

The concrete walls provides better thermal and acoustic insulation also while being extremely strong. They are extremely resistant to cyclones, floods, earthquakes and ground movements. They are a great choice for bushfire prone areas as they exceed the Australian Bushfire Standard (AS3959) for the highest “Flame Zone” category.

Precast Concrete Homes panels can be adapted to any plan.


Whether you are a builder, owner/builder or an owner looking to build, contact us today to discuss the many advantages of using Precast Concrete Homes.


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  1. Do you guys build these houses in the USA 🇺🇸
    ( Sacramento California???)

  2. i could precast dome structures with aircrete and have them ready for a site with a 2 hour build time. 6 hour concrete and reinforcement seal. prefab concrete canvas underlayment fabric ends flooring pours and waits too. this whole process is antiquated

  3. i will be sealing every gap with aircrete

  4. anthony perkins

    nice homes


    Does the bed get delivered with the blonde pre strapped to the bed . Efficient German sex 😝😝😂

  6. Yours for only $250,000 USD

  7. AMORos مؤمن

    what is this <same by coffor panels system this house one day only for structure, not 8 weeks any one needs coffor panels pls contact

  8. Marjorie Alcantara

    wow its gorgeous!!

  9. A house without a foundation?! It won't last long

  10. Jacqueline Grice

    Seeing that we can build with concrete and steel, why are we still building with wood in places like Florida, along the Gulf coast and tornado prone areas?

  11. she looks like a hooker

  12. They build this on ur land and do they build in south carolina and wht will be extra cost of doing so

  13. How much

  14. Budget?

  15. is ki coast kia ho gi?

  16. We used to frame 2500 sq foot homes, 3 guys, one a week. By week two they looked ready to move in. Two months with all those workers… that is a long time.

  17. What us cost for material and labor?

  18. Rocky Dennis MVP

    This was obviously filmed in a place where safety takes a backseat. Pole bracing is way out of tolerance. People scattered across the rafters, not tied off, jobsite scaffolding, no hardhats, or PPE of any kind for that matter. When posting videos online about a specific product, you should probably chose your audience more wisely.

  19. Reginald Burnbridge

    Why not precast ceiling and roof and just lay tiles

  20. no way to walk from the front yard to the back yard between the houses they are so close. that should be illegal, what a waste, 4:27

  21. Thought it'd take shorter time. But I always thought that would be the way to build. Insulate on the inside or outside. Bridge
    Decking for ceilings. think of the space ya create.
    Rubberized roofing, never leak👍

  22. the walls are thin is it insulated

  23. Lol, the mexicans building houses in my area are able to construct a regular house in 2 1/2 weeks.

  24. Well my custom home took a little longer but it's not prefab: https://youtu.be/vQqZIFCab9o

  25. Hey, is this wall load bearing, I want to punch through a double door into the garage…

  26. aww nvm not in usa

  27. Stupid music

  28. is this home tornado proof?


  30. Markhor Snakeeater

    for hurrican its piece of cotton lol

  31. MoneyManFernando

    Very Interesting but I would like to know how much it cost ?? Compared to a conventional site built home how much $$ per square feet in USA ??

  32. Safetyleed Nkom

    Over all cost?

  33. The Harmonic Reactor

    https://youtu.be/xktwDfasPGQ. 3D printing house for only $10.000

  34. noproblema50 luciano

    i want a large work shop garage made like this how much does it cost $$$$ about 20 x40

  35. This is an ugly home.
    I would rather wait longer for a home with some beauty.
    I do not suppose you all offer any Neoclassical templates…

  36. Plumbing and electrical??

  37. The question is not how long, is how much?

  38. what about in the USA?

  39. What an astonishingly complicated, heavy, time-consuming massive multi-step gigantic project that is wow. And the great number of special skill carpenters required wow!
    What does it cost to make this house over such a long period of time? Around 1.5 million I'd guesstimate?

  40. Hambigi Dwarakanath

    FOR precast bulding we are manufacturers WATER base Waterproof chemicals in india Dwarakanath 9042691222 furanepoxycbe @yahoo. Com

  41. Was the air head bimbo lost ?

  42. WOW

  43. The only cool thing here is solid concrete walls

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  45. robert rozzelle

    how much?????

  46. rock solid that wil last ages….wait a minute.

  47. Ugly as fuck house

  48. Used to work for a company that did it in 10 days. And it was on a suspended floor or slab.

  49. Davao City Randy

    Why does everyone think they have to put some kind of stupid music to the video???