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Bill Gates’ House? What Amazing Natural and Modern Home Design!

Bill Gates’ House? What Amazing Natural and Modern Home Design! For more inspirations about modern home design, modern home ideas, modern home design ideas, please subscribe us! http://www.youtube.com/user/HomeDesignTV1/ or

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  1. One of those pics is definitely not his house but a house in Maui, Hawaii. So pretty sure there are others that are not too.

  2. sad I don't have a home just the same as bill gates

  3. Russel Wilson bought the mansion besides Gates …

  4. powered by Windows xp 🙂

  5. even though is so rich he looks so simple

  6. ohhhhhh so beautiful your home Bill Gates but life is so short really..I wish are most beautiful your home in other world than this home..

  7. Not what I thought it'd be. Kind of meah.

  8. That's a 100million and over home not a big deal to him he is worth 80B

  9. i think i need to stay there…

  10. Bill Gates houses look like museums. Most parts of the house seems untouch. It more show pieces and collective ownship. I can't seem to see any one to the houses to be considered a home. It truly looks nice from the outside and cold from the inside.

  11. with all that money

  12. you could by lots of cars

  13. you are proper rich

  14. so fucking rich and he is the richest man in the world i dont know what is he doing with his money because he earn more money.Microsoft is greedy as shit they bought minecraft for 2.5 millione dollars and xbo x one is horrible even PS4 is better

  15. this is fake except for the exterior view at the very beginning

  16. James The Jellyfish

    He's super rich but I can't believe he only buys house that are 8.8million follars

  17. From the outside it looks like a small village in a forrest, not a house?

  18. Nice house.

  19. the wood looks fake!!

  20. i lake BIIL GATES

  21. Natural. Tasteful.


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