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Biggest Fanciest Most Advanced Gooseneck Tiny House | Small Home Design Ideas

“The Pemberley” is a 460 sq ft designed and built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. It is built onto a 37′ gooseneck trailer, weighs about 21,00 lbs.It’s main feature is the Bigfoot 6 point Automatic Leveling System that was installed, which enables the home’s owners to unhook the house/trailer from a truck and automatically level the house with the push of a button

You can find more details about the builder/designer and pricing of this awesome Tiny Home here: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses http://rockymountaintinyhouses.com/the-pemberley-37-gooseneck/

Contact Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses here: http://rockymountaintinyhouses.com/contact/

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  1. can we take that tiny house, darken the floors, white wash the wood on the walls so there's more contrast & not so much tanish wood grain on wood grain on wood grain (ugh, i hate that… makes me feel claustrophobic)… make some way to close off the master loft if wanted & put some stairs instead of a ladder… & slightly larger windows to see out of? 🙂 The craftmanship is so gorgeous though & I love the countertops & that stove & oven combo! and that walk way across the top is neat. cheers!

  2. Love it especially the purple

  3. Love it all but the ladder, Stairs, can walk across to master, correct? Love all the touches ❤ And PURPLE

  4. Where to start??? If your going to put the money into that trailer at least stage it with furniture so you can use it as a more effective marking tool. I said trailer not to a tiny house because there is nothing tiny house about it. who puts a ladder in the middle of the living room? who puts the wood stove on the kitchen counter? where is all the built in storage?

  5. this one has everything. great.

  6. Impressive as all get out💕👍🏾👏🏾!

  7. Thats the most spacious and most comfortable to live in tiny house i have ever seen

  8. 2nd floor! I like it. I like the black railing around the loft opening. Looks awesome!
    I'm not sure that I would want the wood stove placed where you have it. It looks out of place or maybe it's just the way it looks in the photo.
    Great job on the THOW!

  9. Beautiful. Would have been outstanding if you could have incorporated a stairway to the loft, rather than a ladder, for us old folks or people whose pets sleep with them.

  10. Just beautiful

  11. amazing 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  12. That's a 'trailer' NOT a tiny house, but very nice.

  13. Looks amazing. THANK YOU for showing the floor plans! I wish more tiny house videos included that.

  14. awesome

  15. They took the tiny right out of tiny house.