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Best Calendar Design Software for Windows – Try Free Demo Version!

Take a tour of the best calendar design software, and make your own personalized planner today! Download the app: http://photo-calendar-software.com
Photo Calendar Creator presented in this video is a convenient program that turns calendar creation into a piece of cake. You can be a professional designer, a photographer, a small business owner, or just a non-tech savvy stay at home mom – whatever you are, here’s the best calendar design software for you. A user-friendly interface with intuitive big icons and drag & drop feature, 150+ stylish calendar designs, 50+ month templates in various styles – with all of the above, you’ll be making beautiful calendars in a flash. Professionals will appreciate the customization options, the rich editing toolkit, convenient layer management, a ready-to-use database of public holidays for different countries, the collage creation wizard, and lots of other time-saving features.
With Photo Calendar Creator, it’s easy to design any type of calendar, single-page or multi-page, common size or custom size, in any language of the world. Try the best calendar design software and see for yourself!

Interested in calendar design?
Learn how to make a personalized 12-page calendar: https://youtu.be/rdP5PHEbiBw
and get inspired with this awesome calendar samples collection: https://youtu.be/n4g3Fr8BpAk

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