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BEST Bathroom Makeover | Interior Design | Fix It Fridays #6

Bathroom Makeover, Bathroom renovation, Bathroom Design, Bathroom Decorating Ideas.
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Delightful family of five reaches out to Robeson Design for help with their home remodel. The decision to stay and add-on or sell and move-on… to a bigger home. This decision weighed heavily on the minds of Mr. and Mrs. client. Loving their neighborhood and the schools their 3 young girls attended was a big factor in their final decision to stay and add-on. Robeson Design to the rescue! Rebecca had lots of great ideas on ways they couple could add square footage and overall value to their home while maintaining the community atmosphere of the neighborhood. Watch as Rebecca takes this once used Laundry room and transforms it into a much needed downstairs Bathroom.

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Directed and Produced by Robeson Design.
Videography by Dorian Tucker
Editing by Dorian Tucker
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  1. Oooops looks like I've watched all your FFs. Please give us more!

  2. Annemieke Campbell

    Hi there, love the sidelight idea to hide a toilet.

  3. Help, I have been looking for the Video where it looks like a long curtain rod hanging off a beam. Rebecca did lighting off it and it is turned. I can't find it. Anyone that can remember the name of this video. Let me know! Thank you!

  4. Rose Bird Cottage

    Now I know for sure one can have chocolate floors and cabinets I love it with white wall boards! Fabulous!

  5. Fabulous bathroom design.

  6. Jeanette Kniebusch

    Tell us how you got the slide out STOOL. Did you have a carpenter do it OR order it andd it already had that feature.

  7. i love to rewatch your video

  8. It looks so rich, but in the same time very calming and relaxing space. Awesome work! So much beauty in such a small room!

  9. Alice Moral Denis

    I can’t believe that I only recently discovered you. I LOVE YOU! Your personality, creativity, superior taste, vision, etc. You have it all! You’re truly a hidden gem. I’m currently redoing my home and I’m on my own and I am binge watching your videos in hopes of inspiration. Thank you!

  10. hi beca .im from qatar. im great new fan of u and your work your personal style , and deaigning azwell.. lov to c all your videos again and again and again .. lov your nails jewelry all and all u ever wear .. your hairs lok amazing .. your shoes , dreses , i hav watched yor renovations over n over all day lov to watch .. keep it up

  11. Great sign-off on this episode! Your closing comment confirmed to me that you are indeed a special and blessed lady. Thank you for being bold! <3

  12. love it

  13. Very impressive

  14. Hi Rebecca. Great job on this power room. Can you please provide the link for the wall paper used? Thanks!

  15. Crowned Glorious

    OK what if the step up drawer were spring loaded like you push in and it pops out like on rollers and the push it back and in acts like the soft close drawers?

  16. Love it all, but the music got to go…. music without words is way better……

  17. farolitodepapel

    My budget is so tight and my condo is so tiny that I wonder what you would have done to the space. So far I've removed all the tiles from the doll-house-size kitchen and the bathroom, replaced them with new ones, added niches in every posible wall to add some architectural interest (and knocking down brick wall is hard and messy) and had the electrical instalation redone with separate circuits and new breaks. I took advantage of much of your advise. But I hate white walls, deeply. And this video showed how nice it's a creamy beige bathroom. Keep inspiring us!!!

  18. hi rebecca i know you will not notice me cause you quit busy and you have a lot things to do but i want you to know that you serve as inspiration to me not to give up about my dreams.i want to be like you someday i believe having a passiion for interior it takes a lot of me to being you i would gladly be happy even if a little hi and hello from your side..your a very creative lady and a good example to all you to be the best what you can be.

  19. I am in awe of you and your design ideas. I always look forward to seeing your new projects! I am looking to sell my house soon and would like suggestions on paint sheen. I love the updated color on the mirror you used here. Would you happen to remember the color or could you suggest a color similar? Also, my bathroom mirror has a large rectangle with no frame. Would you suggest to frame it? I am using browns, charcoal and creamy white. Thanks!

  20. just woooow…… speachless

  21. Amazing!!!

  22. looks good,u r imagin power is supper

  23. You are so amazing! I love all of your videos!!! <3 I want to be as fab of an interior designer as you one day 🙂

  24. what does she use to draw up the sketches online???!

  25. I would have never thought of using a sidelight for privacy in the bathroom. You are one clever lady!

  26. Terrance Saunders


  27. simply amazing

  28. is there a video for the whole makeover of the house?

  29. Totally in love with your works 🙁 .

  30. Andrea Salguero

    you are truely amazing at what you do!

  31. Please, can you do videos on trasforming study/ library room?

  32. I want a help from you. I am going to a new house. I wish you could help me to design it. Should I send you pic of my new house. i cant get help from you face to face cause i live in some other country.

  33. So many great ideas in this space. I'm so shocked you don't have millions of subscribers. You design palette and personality is a joy to watch😍

  34. My favorite bathroom, by my favorite designer! Go Rebecca!

  35. Teresa Whtimore

    I started watching your videos about a week or so ago and changed up the bathroom downstairs. I actually got a compliment from my husband that that was the best I had ever done! I would love some more videos on Master bathrooms please 😂

  36. Tristan Dollinger

    How did I miss this video?! I love the walls. You always do amazingly on walls, but you probably already knew that.