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Before and After Mountainside Remodel

See how we transformed a dark and heavy space into something bright, airy, and inviting!

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The webseries House to Home was created to show behind the scenes of the studio, the design process, tips, sources, before/after reveals, and a little insight into life as husband and wife business owners.
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  1. What color white paint did you use? White is so overwhelming, and I love this warmer shade – not so stark and cold.

  2. Before the house was so dark, you really brightened up the space, very nice.

  3. Love your taste guys 👍💐
    Absolutely beautiful, fresh, inviting, cozy 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  4. russel quinagoran

    all I can say is… you guys are so great! I so love how you make such houses a good one.. lav ya guys!

  5. Uu I have that beige off white couch 😀

  6. the kitchen was too dark. it was good that you lightened it up with white. however you painted too much white. the result was a monochromatic kitchen and piano room. the way you make a color stand out is with contrasting colors. the white would have actually stood out more and been more attractive if you had more color in the kitchen and piano room the contrasting color doesn't have to be black, but at least a color a few shades darker than white.

  7. oof hgtv is QUacKiNG

  8. That was a gr8 transformation! Congrats on a beautiful home.

  9. filmed in 2016 and the style is still current! love it!

  10. Does anyone know where I can find the living room curtains with the black trim please?

  11. WHAT A TRANSFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Where are the curtains from?

  13. Dorothea Aurelio

    where did you get that coffee table 😭

  14. 永遠のDIYチャレンジャー

    I can’t speak English (−_−;)
    I’m Japanese
    You look stunning
    Nice video
    I love DIY

  15. Videos reminds me of commercials like on TV

  16. Love it.

  17. Where can I find the huge framed map in the living room😍

  18. This video is super helpful! It's really interesting to hear how you guys updates spaces while still making sure they blend with the rest of the home. Thank you!

  19. I love the airy feel!

  20. I had to subscribe …WOW…..absolutely stunning design……Love the small touches

  21. Nasithamariyam Nasithamariyam

    I really loved the old home, 😢.

  22. I love you guys! been following your work for a few years now – absolutely gorgeous aesthetic 😍😍

  23. Azul Mind Body & Soul Spa

    love your channel hun, may God bless your beautiful family

  24. love your clothes! where do you find those tops!? Super cute

  25. The blonde girl is so pretty

  26. Blk open toe espadrills, omg, where are they from? Anybody know????

  27. Amita Sahasrabudhe

    What a beautiful family 👍

  28. Adore everything!!!!!! 👍

  29. Love your decorating! Could you please tell me what is the name of the green beautiful plant you have on the living room table? I would really appreciate it! Thank you guys in advance!!

  30. Is that neolith on the kitchen countertops? If so what color? Thank you!

  31. adoro o designer desta menina

  32. Thank you Syd & Shea for such lovely and informative webisodes – I'm decorating my home and found your styling tips really inspiring- wishing you all the best for your business Susanna

  33. My fav channel! You need your own show on HGTV!

  34. Just found you, this already looks like a hgtv series!!! Here's hoping since the Gaines family is leaving hgtv you can be their replacement!!!

  35. Natasha Della Reed

    It looks great! Like this inspiring video! / Della Designs

  36. I agree with Valerie!

  37. Amazing!

  38. Love you guys.

  39. Beautiful! Luv luv luv

  40. I love love love everything about this remodel!!! So wish you were in France! But I'll keep watching over your videos for inspiration! Thanks for sharing your tips and beautiful projects with us! Love from Paris!!! And by the way, just got married and will definitely "copy" this living room in our new appart! 🙂 lol

  41. Amazing!!!

  42. That turned out insanely gorgeous 😶😍

  43. Good energy

  44. vaya pija controladora

  45. Love your guy's channel! Also, I love all the cute blouses you wear, where do you get the from? 🙂

  46. Where do you find these clients? These are upscale projects that are probably over $60K

  47. But how much did this Reno cost and how long did this take to do?

  48. So amazing to see the transformation. Just beautiful as always! Love you guys

  49. That was just so BEAUTIFUL! Greetings from Finland!