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Beautiful Tiny House With 1st Floor Bedroom + Full Kitchen

Beautiful Tiny House With 1st Floor Bedroom + Full Kitchen | Subscribe Now

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  1. This is a real nice one. It seems to have everything in great size.


  3. Nice one… love the bedroom !

  4. Where can you get this?

  5. Doorbell lol

  6. need chopping area in kitchen

  7. Hatching Egg spray

    It shouldnt cost any more to build atiny home than to remodel a bathroom in reg house. THats the real price

  8. Hatching Egg spray

    Im a carpenter and it doesnt cost that much to build the tiny homes they are going to drive the tiny home out of buisness

  9. Nice house I'd sleep on the LR couch and use the bedroom for my office/crafting room.

  10. what the price?

  11. I want this , how much😄

  12. Reminds me of my Citation RV which actually has much more storage space than this does, and also has a full size kitchen.

  13. Love the metal slug "thank you" at the end.

  14. Barbara-Louisa walker

    cant stand all this wood…and the speaker sounds out of breath.

  15. no counter space in the kitchen , there's more in the bathroom lol. no where to actually put your dishes when you've washed them like no where to put the dish drainer pan. but otherwise very nice. I'd go for the twin bed myself giving more room for kitchen counter space but love the no loft deal!

  16. This is the tiny house I want. The only thing I would change is the window in front of the bed, I would put the tv there instead.

  17. My bad knees likes the bedroom. The only thing would be less windows

  18. How much

  19. Yes! This one makes GOOD sense! LIKE LIKE LIKE! Main level bedroom, love it! Separate washer AND drier (not the combo that takes too long to get laundry done) gets a BIG thumbs up!

  20. no counter space..and i put my dirty dishes on the left of the sink..there is none..I do however love the full size washer dryer unit love the wood, but I'm unsure why someone would want a clear window on the bedroom..oh, there is a loft! nice

  21. Would be perfect if 10 ft wide

  22. How much is it? How do we start paperwork?

  23. I love this house

  24. I would enjoy one of these instead of renting and no money for other things.

  25. This is amazing! I don't like loft bed at all so this house would be a perfect for me.

  26. That should be a murphy bed that is a waste of space. Although the rest of the place is nice.

  27. Kristi Gibson-Cormier

    i love this …. just wondering how much this one is?

  28. FINALLY EXACTLY the Tiny House set up that I've been looking for! EVERYTHING I required, bedroom downstairs & big shower. Absolutely love everything in the bedroom! Because i'm choosy, i would just tweak cosmetic things: different color on the outside, include shutters on the side of the windows, a solid wooden front door, stainless steel appliances instead, an apron farmhouse sink, different color wood throughout, a solid wooden sliding barnhouse door on the outside of the bedroom, no counter surrounding the bathroom sink, I'd want that cute little side moon one, a standing storage cabinet in the bathroom, different kind of towel rail, maybe a tanish stone looking 5' shower instead of white, & a sliding door for the bathroom.

  29. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Finally, a real downstairs bedroom!! Not a perfect house…but it's what so many of us have been looking for….

  31. one of the best I've seen.

  32. Love, love, love full bedroom! Awesome!

  33. Wow….that is a FABULOUS house!!

  34. Too many windows for my taste, but very nice overall.

  35. wow very nice!!

  36. How much? Only thing I don't like is there's only one tiny counter. That's horrible for us cooks!


  38. do it have a stove? otherwise wonderful.

  39. Love this one.

  40. I like the design of this tiny house but the camera was moving so fast it was making me dizzy.

  41. there is no bench space at all in the kitchen?

  42. The prices of these tiny homes have just gotten plumb ridiculous over the years!

  43. the best house ever,wow ,well thought off ,thpugh a king size bed would have eadily fitin

  44. really like this model but would like less windows, like in bedroom only need one-would put more shelving and storage there instead. also would use smaller appliances to have more counter space in kitchen. also use a combo washer/dryer to save more space. absolutely love the bedroom overall, and a full tub and shower!!

  45. Finally found one I love. alot of thought went into this house. Not just another pretty house, but also very functional. love it!

  46. I love it!!! I would not have a loft….

  47. Beautiful love the layout……Yep!!

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