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Beautiful Tiny House “The Indigo” With 1st Floor Bedroom

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Beautiful Tiny House “The Indigo” With 1st Floor Bedroom

The Indigo Built and designed by Driftwood Tiny Homes USA
out of South Carolina: http://www.driftwoodhomesusa.com

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  1. Jennifer Piacentini

    Dont like stove next to chair

  2. Sashagale Mcfarlane

    I hate how dangerous all of these stair cases are in these tiny homes…. I mean I know, the rails will take up space but dang…………..

  3. I think this is a good floor plan for a single person looking to live a minimalist lifestyle, not just looking to "downsize". Otherwise, I'd make the following changes:

    • Make the bedroom a bit smaller and use it as a guest room
    • Move the water heater + washing machine attachments in the bathroom (*why* are they in the wardrobe??) – with the smaller bedroom there's now space in the bathroom
    • Use the loft area as my bedroom – after installing handrails!
    • Not have a tiled shower with a bench (I forsee many a stubbed toe) but instead have a fibreglass shower stall (one piece with floor + walls) that would be easier to keep clean … also don't want to have to worry about regrouting or waterproofing issues further down the line!
    • Have storage behind the bathroom mirror + install a cabinet underneath the sink
    • Move the kitchen sink to one side … currently it looks like it makes the bench space pretty much unusable.
    • I'd keep the chair but ditch the oven – I don't bake so it's wasted space. I'd just extend the benchtop, have a stovetop, install some shelves to hold the microwave + slow cooker. Sorted.
    • Have a smaller fridge!
    • Where's the dining chair? Do you use the lounge chair? … Actually, I'd just bring my TV dinner foldable table with me, so that's sorted.
    • Paint all the timber. It's jarring (to me) to see exposed timber next to all the glossy white.
    • Built-in storage in the loft space for clothes

    TL;DR Beautiful but definitely room for improvement.

  4. Any other dog people find the dog crate hilarious? What dog stays in a wooden create with tiny wooden spindles? LOL. Also, how do you clean that if the dog has an accident? Not practical at all. None of this looks lived in (full-time), in fact. The storage is loosely packed with sparse items.

  5. Worst Tiny Home on Youtube. ugh.

  6. Living area? You mean the Chair?

  7. From woman's perspective this is horrible set up!!! Great to have kitchen on end BUT no cabinets …too small couch that is right up on oven and steps right at main for…hell no! Worse tiny house plan ever!!!

  8. so custom made kitchen with reclaimed barn wood? make up your mind. why have a custom built kitchen that costs lots of money if you are going to have a tiny house? you guys are really after the profit here………

  9. I love the colors but this layout is a bit too tiny for me; more storage and perhaps a bit more living space for lounging.

  10. So, but soooooo much I would have to change about this home!

  11. You call that a sofa?! Lol.

  12. why does no one put a riling on theoutside edge of staircases, especially w all the documented accidents

  13. Ilove this tiny house. So enough for me and for my mother..

  14. Do it on 30 ft would give you extra 6 ft to do that kitchen length wise and you would get more space for a actual living room plus a actual kitchen . Maybe even a second loft other then that this one is pretty cool

  15. Y'all need to STOP this is one of the best tiny house hand down bedroom on the first floor I love it

  16. I agree Frank B. I can't climb stairs like I used to, so first floor bedrooms are best for me.

  17. It would've berm nice to get a demo on storage under Murphy bed. thx

  18. I like the layout of this tiny house. One flaw is the fact that there is hardly any storage. I would expect staircase storage and definitely more storage in the kitchen area. It would also be nice to see some storage in the sleeping loft. Also the tile in the bathroom is a bad idea, they could break easily with moving the home around. This is definitely not my favorite tiny house. It seems that they put too much emphasis on high end features and not enough on storage. This tiny house could have been more thought out. I personally would not want to stay here very long due to the lack of storage. Also I agree with a previous commenter on the fact that there is definitely not enough space between the "couch" and the oven. Obviously you do have to make some compromises when living in a tiny house but that is one I would not make.

  19. less windows more storage please!!

  20. she moving the camera to slow I hate this girl

  21. Why does everything she says sound like a question?

  22. need a few layout redesign, but a cute house. 🙂

  23. Bathroom next to bedroom. Smells after a poop!

  24. This is the least ingeniously designed tiny house I've ever seen. It's essentially a bedroom with a kitchenette.

  25. It is beautiful but I think I would've put open shelving all the way across that wall in the kitchen and set of those two tiny cabinets that seems like a real waste of space

  26. I LOVE the color scheme and decorations but some of the things were not very practical like that ridiculously thick mattress on the loft that eats up 1/3 of the ceiling height.

  27. Very minimal, but for someone who embraces such a lifestyle, this is a brilliant model.

  28. Love this tiny house. Yay for the first floor master

  29. beautifully done, the couch next to the stove doesn't appel to me personally but the home is lovely.

  30. i would make the downstairs bedroom the livingroom. house too small for 2 sleeping quarters.

  31. Probably the worst tiny house design I've ever seen.

  32. I like the bedroom on 1st floor, but the quality of the wood on the wall seems look very cheap quality. Also, there is not enough kitchen countertop space and cabinets.

  33. 3:21 More like as we just simply turn to the left.

  34. nice but not really any living roo space.chair way too close to stove but love rest of design.bad arthritic knees so ground floor bed is Great. need clothes storage. I guess that would be Under bed.

  35. Seems so cramped with your couch almost touching your stove….that would worry me

  36. The American over sized cooler/freezer is just to big and wastes space but a nice job.

  37. SoUnDzZ & MeLoDiiEz

    Cozy and beautiful, I will to save some money to buy one !!!

  38. That is not a couch, it's not even a love seat, it's an oversized chair. There is no room for anyone else to sit. I've more room in my RV.

  39. Beautiful…great interior design/colors

  40. These comments are mind boggling. Half think this is the worst design ever and half like it. For those who like it, I'm wondering how you would entertain even one person when your butt would be in their face while preparing a meal at the stove. Lol
    I do like the shower bench and the lower level bedroom but the design is just bad, bad, bad.