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Beautiful 24 Foot Tiny House Tour with Free Plans: Ana White Tiny House Build [Episode 18]

Gorgeous tiny house built by Jacob and Ana White. Sleeps six, bedroom on main level. Designed for vacation or guest house use.

Free plans for this tiny house: http://www.ana-white.com/2016/06/free_plans/quartz-tiny-house-free-tiny-house-plans

Free plans with bathroom: http://www.ana-white.com/2016/08/free_plans/free-tiny-house-plans-quartz-model-bathroom

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  1. I love this video. I also have a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mr1rxp0sfiA&feature=youtu.be that shows putting a jacuzzi in a micro sized bathroom. Might work for a tiny house or something similar in a small space. Thank you and enjoy

  2. What is the price of this tiny house?

  3. Where is the bath place?

  4. Народы России

    На 6:46 музыка очень похожа на проигрыш Пачки сигарет Кино!)

  5. Cassandra Kavanagh

    That desk that becomes a table is incredible …and the bed is brilliant !

  6. What do you heat with? I mean if it is cold enough to store food on the porch youll need heat. Plus sitting at those ottomans to eat is too low, that would annoy me.

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  8. how do you wash dishes with no faucet?

  9. Love how this little house looks

  10. Rebecca Staudenmaier

    Ana is just like Joanna Gains

  11. awesome.

  12. where is the bathroom?

  13. Sketchup is so cool.

  14. You have a very nice design but it looks so cold and sterile. You don't believe in any art work or color? Just some nice artwork would really warm it up. Just my opinion though. Its your house after all but I would not enjoy it myself.

  15. Guillermo sanchez fuentes

    shower toilet_——

  16. what is that cookstove. I don't see any review on that as promised?

  17. Any chairs for the tablet?

  18. Where os the toilet

  19. 3 Bears Tiny Homes

    I love the white walls against the dark ceiling. Makes the home look so much larger. Just great!

  20. Yo Dime piece, what about bears, wolves, and wolverines?

  21. where do you poop?

  22. I'd totally make my bedroom in the loft. You'd have plenty of room for a queen and you could even add some cute storage to the wall that she was sitting against. Then I'd put a relay nice size bathroom where the bedroom is down below. The joys of living alone! #somuchmoreroomforactivities

  23. adriano silva ferreira

    Congratulation..this is a smallhome and a big idea,I loved this video ,I wanna to make a home this way in Brazil…thank you

  24. How do you heat

  25. I am in love with this home. The colors are so serene and the floor is amazing !!! Great job 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  26. No heating?  How do you keep warm in those Alaska winters?

  27. I love your videos! You both are amazing designer!❤️❤️

  28. Where's the bathroom?

  29. the sad part no bathroom 😢😕

  30. Amazing work!

  31. Love it! The secret kitchen floor drawers can also be used as gun safe! Being in Alaska, it will come handy!

  32. Just saw this, beautiful!

  33. You helped millions built their tiny house, right.

  34. I love the style but……….. no bathroom???

  35. Ana, this is some seriously amazing work you guys did there. I'm in love with the kitchen, that counter and open shelves are very functional and stylish at the same time, and the bedroom is pure genius.

  36. Must have a bathroom, mandatory….. and a refrigerator.. no closet

  37. Don't really see the need for the side door. Better use of space to add a compost toilet and shower.

  38. No bathroom. Just nasty.

  39. where is the bathroom?

  40. I've got to say that Ana is beautiful.

  41. Hello Ana, you and your husband are geniuses! I love this tiny house i was wondering if this particular model can be built on a trailer to be used as a home on wheels.
    Please let me know. I am really motivated by the stuff you two build. Thanks!

  42. This is my favorite little house desing I have seen. I would add another 2 feer and make it a 26 ft tiny house to add the bathroom. It would be fine in California since my pipe would not freeze in the winter.

  43. I am 12 yrs old am I am inspired to build my own when I grow up

  44. Love this tiny home!! The rooms on the lower level was very nice. My husband can't climb stairs and and two girls with special needs and have service dogs and I need space. Love it a lot!