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Autodesk Homestyler — Start Designing

http://www.homestyler.com/ Drag and drop from the catalog to create a basic layout, add design features, other levels and landscaping. Work within the designer to modify rooms walls and other areas.

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  1. wow this is bringing back do many memories

  2. I tried to use the program and it does not work. You cannot put a room and then drag it and drop. Once the room is placed it is stuck in place.

  3. you searched for that you get this?

  4. How can I used this one? cause the new one is not easy

  5. How do you make a porch?

  6. Is there a way change FOV for the CAM? The new beta version does have that option but the products in it is very limited …

  7. How the hell do you make a angled interior wall that will snap to adjacent walls!

  8. how to down load it

  9. how is it easy for her it takes me a one thousand tries to place it down its confusing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Is there a way to copy a previous floor plan?  I only want to copy the dimensions of the room.

  11. Sandra Dee Lawson.

    I've got the hand on some of this right now.

  12. ohhh nvm i got it

  13. How do you create a split level?

  14. SOUND! Music, accent, room echo, poor microphone. All that's missing is barking dog and doorbell. I gave up.

  15. Her accent is a bit thick. I had to listen to it 5 time to translate.

  16. Can you make glass walls?

  17. Ottist W Flournoy, Jr

    Can't understand what this woman is saying. Would be nice if she could speak in English without so much of an accent.

  18. Interestingly, there is no ability to draw on the wall and there is no outlet (socket). I want to do a project for electricians, but …

  19. sound is very bad to listen to 

  20. Vladimir Kovalchuk

    So she starts from imagined square and L-shaped rooms. No actual plan, no real sizes consulted. Is this how one designs real-world realty? No, usually a designer starts from real real plan with fixed sizes. Including all engineering vents, pillars etc.
    Second though: Useless software presentations keep repeating the menu items. Do you think your users cannot see it for themselves and read? Proper way would be to start from real task: "I need to see how such and such futniture will look given such and such plan." IMHO.

  21. HELP The accent is a LET DOWN FOR AUTODESK

  22. How do you make a patio and also how do you make a pathway from the street and the entrance door? 

  23. Impossible to understand what this woman is saying.  She has an accent and speaks very quickly.  The process for creating rooms (use of the add a room feature and resize) are glossed over.  You see it but there's no explanation for how it's done.  I'm extremely disappointed.

  24. i know this is probably a dum question ,but how do stairs work?

  25. I've tried a couple of others, and now this one looks like it might be a little better.  Not sure yet, but I'm intrigued enough to watch your next few videos.

  26. i`ve tried it and it is awesome i made a really cool house

  27. I find it ironic that such a detailed program that spent thousands of dollars and countless hours, should hire someone with a thick accent to teach the tutorial.
    Why on earth would they do this?  To give us the image that it is an international program meant for anyone and everyone? . . .  So – is there a way to slow her down or speak more slowly?  Give me a hint. . . please.  

  28. I was wondering how to do multiple rooms. Thank you.

  29. need more option

  30. I like it 😀

  31. I like this apps……

  32. i like it n i want to learn more

  33. I can't get the stupid grid to come up, and it won't work w/o it.

  34. such a bad tool… just frustrating

  35. Dude, thank-o much-o

  36. Hi, Autocad/Revit/3D Max will get you very realistic interiors but if you want to try something that is easy to use like Homestyler then you can try floorplanner or mydeco roomstyler (sorry doesn't allow links) Google SketchUp with rendering add-ons (V-ray, Maxwell etc…) is not too hard to learn and would be more flexible than browser based applications. It all depends what you want to achieve. Autodesk products are great but somehow this one doesn't seem to fit in.

  37. Hey man can you point me to one of those "much better" programs. Autodesk is way too buggy for me.

  38. Seems like the problem with understanding her has more to do with the quality of microphone/audio than her accent.

  39. International Sites

    No entiendo nada de lo que dice ese nefasto robot!!!

  40. Get The Sims.

  41. LeBronio Andretti

    Hey autodesk, get someone who can actually speak English like a person who speaks English so we can understand your program.

  42. VampireAssassin1065

    use CC (closed captions). That's what I did.

  43. joseph anh nguyen

    me too