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Autodesk Homestyler — Refine Your Design

http://www.homestyler.com This video demonstrates the addition of a closet or an extra interior room, object placement rules, and modifying room and object properties in the Designer.

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  1. Sandra Dee Lawson.

    It's like a doll house on You Tube.

  2. deborah cristina mendes piraja

    And as I do the floor getting taller?

  3. deborah cristina mendes piraja

    hey, please, as I think the stairs in the '' Design your dream home in 3D '' Create new design .. ??

  4. man, the voice is terrible!

  5. how can i attach second level thanks

  6. how do i do an upstairs 🙁

  7. As I can get new items?

  8. using this app as an amateur is a real pain in the ass. so frustrated!

  9. Ho do I delete dimension lines?

  10. so find out the id of your document (desing) and name it and then you should be able to use it properly

  11. how do you show where stairs come up from the first floor?

  12. I'm very like it. But If they have a home software which is more good for me. I hope some one tell me some soft like that

  13. How do I rotate a room layout?

  14. why cant I save my desing :/? .. im trying but it says '' Both ID and name are required '' -___-

  15. This programs look so good that it looks like a game