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  1. Why not you copy floor plan with hide the layers and then make f.f.plan with trim extend offset etc.? 🙄🙄🙄🙄😕😕😕😕

  2. how can get this drawing above

  3. fabiano barros de souza

    hi buddy I could leave in see more detals one link to file.dwg

  4. Great video, I'm new to CAD and was wondering if one can use this program that u are using for doing a house that can be used with Oculus Rift? And what is the name of the CAD program :)?

  5. hello sir,
    will you send me this dwg file ?
    that will be easy to learn to me

  6. Sorry I dont share the files.

  7. would you please share the files in description?

  8. why not in arabic it will be more binifit

  9. Ali, explain me something, you make it look so simple useful and practical with almost zero learning curve and all the other "experts" fuzz it over so it looks so complicated. I've been agonizing for the last 2 days till I ran into this video. Thanks!
    St.Peter will certainly give you an EZpass to heaven for enlightening us, unworthy Autocad sinners.

  10. Btw when youre typing on youre keyboard, it seems like youre playing a drum 😀

  11. Perfect !!! I was looking for some tutorials that are more realistic than those basic ones. This one is great !!! Gj Ali !!!

  12. This is a great video and it is what i really want to learn on autocad, i just want to know if u set limits before u start drawing the wall line cause when i started to draw the line, mine was shorter….help me out

  13. Thank you. Great tutorials.

  14. where can i download autocad 2010 and up version? coz i'm currently using autocad 2002 >.< thanks in advance

  15. Colonel. Muammar Gaddafi

    Thanks, man I hope you do more floor plans and complex mechanical drawings.