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  1. respected sir kindly give us source image file for practice.looking forward for your next tutorials.you are excellent teacher.thank regards kamran ullah khan

  2. Thank you very much for tutorial how to make 3D home .

  3. hi nice vedios vv usefull me can u share how to draw beam,cloumn ,footing etc plz share im waiting vedios …

  4. buy a pop-filter for your mic, you can get them fairly cheap, this enables you to remove the cracks every time you pronounce a plosive letter.

  5. thaks

  6. damn lousy language and volume.

  7. Whatsapp Status Club

    good video

  8. yah auto cad ka kon sa version ha????

  9. thank you for your tutorial

  10. sabrija menigaobrija

    Omg another indian tutorial.Go to school idiots

  11. also extrude option use in place of press pull

  12. PLZ
    SIR i need Modeling of 2 storey house .

  13. thanks

  14. which software may i use for this same drawing pls give me idea……

  15. Chi Gustave Sunyin

    very fascinating

  16. Muhammad Umerjavaid


  17. It's really comprehensive and helped .

  18. what version of autocad is this sir?

  19. can i please download the output.. need reply just now thanks

  20. Thanks a lot dear

  21. Great tutorial but as Prabhjot Singh Bhangaal said please provide the 2D structure of the house. Would be good to follow the turorial and works on the structure at same time.

  22. Please provide the working files for this 2D structure of the house so that anyone could practice it. Only then it would be helpful watching this video.

  23. sehr interssant sehr cool 🙂

  24. I love it

  25. very usefull

  26. is it a hard program to use?

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  28. This program is better than Sweethome 3D 😀 !
    A little bit difficult but It's possible to do many things (y).

  29. this is great keep it up thanks


  31. Or just play The Sims :))

  32. everyone who can operate AutoCAD properly = an architect, including me

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