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  1. Zakaria Benkali

    Can you give me a link to download the final drawing file so i can practice with it. thank you.

  2. Excellent video for 2D Floor plan drawing. I like your tutorial and presentation

  3. Too fast explain

  4. I used to be good at times at AutoCAD. It's been over a decade without practicing it and now i face a lot of problems when applying for a new job cos it's definitely asked and needed. I'll try to practice this one video, but it seems to fast! And damn, the new versions make me wanna die, i'm so out !

  5. It's useful to me .Thanks for upload this video .

  6. nice video…but i want to know which unit did u used?

  7. awful music wtf.

  8. BRO i like it so much .and really enjoyed it with music

  9. it's useful to me as the student first time try to drawing floor plan, your floor plan so awesome.thanks for the video.it's help me a lot.

  10. too fast explain smaller steps so i can actualy draw the thing

  11. what did you make?

  12. ice bear Icebear

    thanks for sharing.
    may i know what units you using ?meter ?

  13. hey i want to trained autocad pls tell me which best autocad software

  14. owesome

  15. Well done. Thank you for sharing.

  16. its really a nice video. but next time instead of music you just give some explation about copying the offset and the dimentions. also one doubt… what is the outer dimentions??

  17. thanks for upload this video ……

  18. Great job sir but only problem you weren't ever explained what are you doing. I'd say just put some more efforts than that'd be
    fine whenever you do drawing then you should also put audio there …well thinking you so much all this.

  19. tell me, how to create layout grids like revit architecture in autocad.. is it possible to draw grids like revit in autocad? if yes then tell me how?

  20. Prakash Baliwal

    What is unit you have taken in this?

  21. BJ Jammylove SM

    great job on your video. Where can I purchase and download the app?

  22. Anish Sangroula

    Don't u have to show pillars on plan? In Nepal u have to show pillars.

  23. do you have lessons?

  24. Manjunath Kadalli

    Good..thanks for helping me pass the internals! :p

  25. Thanks for the video, brother..

  26. Video was good but please explain it bcz I'm new to drawing… If u don't mind please suggest me some more drawings to improve my knowledge

  27. dear need explanation. music destroyed your plans

  28. how to culculate quantaty in autocad ?

  29. Gerardo Domínguez

    This is my first floor plan drawing and I did!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Greetings from Panama City.

  30. Like this…
    I'll try this….

  31. I found this very helpful in showing an approach—a system for doing a drawing. There are so many videos that get bogged down in showing every detail of every function without showing the big picture. I know there are a number of ways to accomplish the same final result and this gave me a good overview of one. At first the speed was annoying but then I caught on that this is not "how to use each tool" but is "how to do a drawing." Thank you.

  32. could you make a video tutorial for AutoCad?

  33. Humberto Hernandez

    Arrows and text when applying dimensions appear too big. Someone know how change size?

  34. First of all, I really enjoyed your vodeo, you learn something new every day! One thing I was wondering is what units you work with? I am used to working with ft and in from the start so those numbers were the only thing that had me confused. and also how do you come up with the dimensions from before you start? i like the way it all fits together perfectly once you bring every section together! I have been wanting to experiment with this section method but the sizes and dimensions is still something i have to figure out as I'm going. Once again thank you! I really enjoyed your video!

  35. This is the greatest, fastest, smartest way to draw! Thank you very much for sharing this. I am your fan now! How do I follow your posts, Civil H? Thanks again!

  36. Great video man

  37. br which country r u from and only this tutorial u made..or there r more?

  38. wow what a plan *

  39. thanks for sharing. could you please explain how do you use trim function? it seems you did't select objective one by one, it is very convenient.