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In this quick video, I will be showing some speed art of a modern house with one point of perspective. At the end I will be adding some shadows so the drawing looks more awesome!! hope you enjoy!

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Wobscure – Here to Stay

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  1. I am 16 years old, have a passion for drawing, i have been improving everyday in drawing buildings/modern houses, but the thing is it's never from my imagination, and i really want to know if at a point you didn't have enough imagination to come up with something like this, but then over time after you had plenty of practice, your imagination evolved? thanks really hope you could answer.

  2. wahooo

  3. Sumit Singh Rajput

    27.5"*33.8" sketch please makes

  4. I'm going for grade 11 for senior high and i'm going for engineering what is the easiest engineer strand? And i'm good in drowning

  5. good job arcitekture

  6. Im 10years old and you show me what my dream job will be a architec hehehehe I just want to design myhouse =)

  7. nor copying over my house would it come out that way

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  9. hey man awesome tutorial but it would be better with some calmer music just a suggestion

  10. Muzamil hussain juni

    Yar koi ach sy our chota sa mapp ha to wo send Kro muzamil.hussain241@gmail.com par

  11. Love what your doing.

  12. I'm 15 year old. I have draw modern house at home that I dream. like this.

  13. I don't like this video cause u going to damn fast. Wtf slow down shit

  14. How is it like inside ? I need to know

  15. You're good man !! You should take a look at Le Corbusier, Post-modernist urbanism.

  16. Super 😯😯😯😯

  17. How can I learn while you moving the video really quick like that??

  18. This is quite helpful, thank you for sharing this.
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  19. Bhai mera ghar 13×60 fut hai use banwana hai kayse banega

  20. How😱??….. It looks so good! Great work!

  21. The problem with me probably is I can't think of designs….

  22. good skech


    stairs mistake

  24. The proportions are shit and the design itself is horrible

  25. super good bro

  26. Vaughn Delossantos

    The your drawing is nasty hause

  27. جميلل

  28. Can I suggest you use my online plan editor? With your way of presenting the plans and your music, this could be interesting …

  29. 9.3 *30 ka h total 30gaj h

  30. Sir mera gar ka map design bana do 9.3*30 ka h plz sir

  31. New Millennium Design

    nice one

  32. 15 feet chaura aur 70 feet lamba hai
    uska front and house design chahiye

  33. sumairrah rynne recabo

    galing 😍😍😍😍

  34. good for learn