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Architectural modeling / Professioneller CNC Modellbau / Architekturmodellbau, Modelle, Häuser

Professioneller Architekturmodellbau / Architekturmodelle in Vollendung !
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A professional architectural model designer from germany build all models with the help of our cnc router High-Z S-720.

From Wikipedia, the free enzyclopedia:
An architectural model is a type of a scale model, tangible (also called sometimes physical) representation of a structure built to study aspects of an architectural design or to communicate design ideas to clients, committees, and the general public. Architectural models are a tool which may be used for show, presentation, fundraising, obtaining permits, and sale purposes.
Rough study models can be made quickly using cardboard, wooden blocks, polystyrene, foam, foam boards and other materials. Such models are an efficient tool for three-dimensional understanding of a design, used by architects, interior designers and exhibit designers. For a highly detailed presentation model, architects would employ a professional model maker, model making company or students working for credit.

Exterior models are models of buildings which usually include some landscaping or civic spaces around the building.
Interior models are models showing interior space planning, finishes, colors, furniture and beautification.
Landscaping design models are models of landscape design and development representing features such as walkways, small bridges, pergolas, vegetation patterns and beautification. Landscaping design models usually represent public spaces and may, in some cases, include buildings as well.
Urban models are models typically built at a much smaller scale (starting from 1:500 and less, 1:700, 1:1000, 1:1200, 1:2000, 1:20 000), representing several city blocks, even a whole town or village, large resort, campus, industrial facility, military base and so on. Urban models are a vital tool for town/city planning and development.
Engineering and construction models show isolated building/structure elements and components and their interaction.

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