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APARTMENT TOUR | my modern & minimalist living room tour

You guys have been asking for an apartment tour since I posted my minimalist kitchen video. Well, here it is! And while it’s not a full tour (as I’m still not done with my interior design yet), it’s a living room tour that’ll give you a sense of my modern, minimalist, Scandinavian and SoCal-influenced style.

As a food and lifestyle blogger (and of course, YouTuber) my home is frequently the backdrop to many photographs and videos, so I wanted it to feel “me.” Thankfully, I had the interior design expertise of Havenly to help guide me, so I’m happy to partner with them on today’s video.

For all of the furniture, decor and products mentioned in the video, read the FULL blog post on my website: http://bit.ly/2nvC1ux

To get 20% off a room package with Havenly, use the code DOWNSHIFTOLOGY20

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This video was a sponsored video created in partnership with Havenly.

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  1. Hi guys! I finally finished designing my living room – yay! I hope you enjoy this tour of my living room and apologies for my raspy voice, which is still healing. But I didn't want to wait any longer to get you this video. 🙂 Also, if you're interested in working with Havenly check the description box for a discount code. I'm moving on to my bedroom next, so if you'd like to see that design when I'm done or a video on indoor plants (and all their health benefits), let me know in the comments below. – xo Lisa

  2. Beautiful living room,I love it!!

  3. WHY is she perfect :DDD

  4. What a beautiful space.

  5. What was your budget?

  6. I think the chair is discontinued 🙁

  7. Loove it all

  8. Only applies if you are living in the U.S😭

  9. Elephant In The Room

    hold up ,,,,we dem boyzzz

  10. Well done!

  11. Idk, consumerism doesn't feel very minimalistic to me?

  12. That's not mininalist

  13. Beautiful! Thank you for your inspiration.

  14. Im.petite Cardwell

    as a new subscriber , I love the editing of your videos ! do you film and edit them yourself ?

  15. Sooooo love it all! Perfect style

  16. Please do a video on indoor plants!!! You have great style.

  17. very very very beautiful living room and Love ur green trees. and very smooth and creamy white sofa looking very relaxing and enjoy outside sciene which giving a relax mood. Thanks for sharing dear.

  18. Even though it is not my colour palette at all I think it turned out beautiful! Very harmonious..

  19. Beautiful room! I’m really impressed at the warm feel this modern room has. The mix of metals and natural elements (linen, baskets, plants) keeps the room from being sterile. Like you I think I could take my chores off in there! My taste is very different but I’m redoing my home and I think I’ll give Havenly (maybe Asia?) a go! 🌹

  20. So where's the minimalism? This video is an ode to consumerism. The whole thing is literally an advertisement for different home furnishings.

  21. Such a gorgeous room ❤️ I adore your plants and the baskets they in .

  22. A fellow Kiwi 🇳🇿

  23. It came out beautiful!!