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Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome 「 amazing home interior design ideas 」

Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome 「 amazing home interior design ideas
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  1. What do you think ?
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  2. I want all of it mashes up into on house for ME

  3. I domntva see through bathtub

  4. The sand would make a disgusting mess

  5. 2 words


  6. 1:03 is this so you can shit yourself or am I missing some fine art part of this

  7. If i had that glass floor thingy I'd be standing to the side leaning as far as I could to reach the mirror

  8. TheCraftyPandaYT Vids

    imagine having a house with all of this stuff

  9. Yes these are cool but imagine how expensive it would be

  10. Holy Jesus Christ

    Legit crying because I want all of it.. ?

  11. would not like a see through bath XD

  12. I like the aquatic bed one

  13. the glass bathtub is cool for about 12 seconds until you realize that it's more impractical than cool. like it's a lot easier to break than normal bathtub material, and if anyone walks in they gonna see my pussy. cool video though

  14. Miki The Gamer 895

    50 percent: too much work
    20 percent: ok I might do that
    30 percent: nope nope nope nope

  15. Why is no one talking about the swing set table? I'd love to have that in my house!

  16. Hahahahahahahahaha I wish

  17. FlakyTheAnimator Cat

    Me: this looks interesting, maybe I can help my dad plan outperform new house layouts…

    * clicks on video and watches half way *


  18. Amazing ideas that make my house awesome boi i do even have the money do this!!

  19. Dro'yla Jarhir The Feline Thief

    Fuck poor people -the video

  20. Omg bookcase stairs are now my dream!!
    Edit: And the reading room. And the ceiling library.
    God I love books

  21. Rdezzimae Romuar

    I like the pools…..

  22. sorry m8 , but I'm not rich

  23. Oh yeah that was helpful I can totally make my house better with the $5 I have in my bank account I don't even have money for a freakin room I have to share a room with my family

  24. Aquarium Bed


    The see through bathtub was a little to far don't you think

  26. 3:40 lmao tennis??? Doesn't really look like it

  27. I have the aquarium bed


    The optical illusion one is a bad idea imagine if you have a friend over and they have elipsy I think that's how you say it or spell it please tell me but not in a rude manner

  29. Where I live it only has one bedroom and I live with two other people halp it's cramped in here



  31. Yeah.. I have cats and they would just poop in the sand and make a mess..

  32. FemCastiel Novak

    Better name: Ideas for your house if your fucking rich and want to blow all your cash

  33. Hammock over the stairs sounds dangerous

  34. I'm glad I don't have to vlean that house with sand under the desk! And I hope theydon't have cats!!!

  35. Dylan and -Kailee's- Channel

    Umm the glass see through bath tub is a bad idea cus when someone walks in they can u ur hole in tire body it's better when u where the swim suit

  36. K…and what should i do when Im broke

  37. Katie _Weirdness

    I actually have a hammock bed and it's sooooo comfy I'm on it now XD

  38. this isn't ideas it's rich people ideas that you spend a lot of money :3 buy now!!

  39. Ugne Kasparaityte

    and glass is in the bathroom because since u see it u start pooping ur pants…

  40. The Art Wolf ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I live in a box

  41. Ugne Kasparaityte

    no beach sand in house because of cats :C

  42. Yeah the aquarium bed is ~kewl~ UNTIL YOU SIT UP ONE DAY AND YOUR HEAD SMASHES THE GLASS

  43. Christine Palazzolo

    These are some NICE ASS HOUSES

  44. Goes to Ikea hi! I'd like to spend all my money… 🙂

  45. You know a window seat already exists in a lot of houses..

  46. the transparent bathtub is bad because you could me invacing somebody's privacy

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