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Akshay’s Home | Interior Design | Salarpuria Greenage Apartment | Bangalore

Lets have a look at Mr.Akshay’s 2BHK salarpuria Greenage flat interiors.

#foyer design

This foyer welcomes us with warm spot light and cove lights highlighting the beautiful stone cladding. A shoe rack with abmle storage serves the purpose of furniture here.

#Living area at Salarpuria Greenage

A beautiful TV unit which continues from the entrance panel and lit by sport lights has enough storage space.A false ceiling with unique shape which starts from living and continues till the dining area. A false wall with spot light is the main attraction at this entrance.

#Crockery Unit

This crockery unit has top and bottom cabinets and a glass ledge in the middle for display. Sport lights are provided to lit the show peace which would come here.

#Modular kitchen design

This is a huge kitchen, We have used white and blackcurrant colored laminates to decorate this kitchen.we have provided dustbin and detergent holder,magic corner, tandem boxes, cutlery unit,bottle pull out and open storage have covered the chimney patty with blackcurrant colored laminate which act as a border enhances the look even more.

#Modular Pooja Unit

Behind the crockery unit, a designer Pooja unit is placed with enough storage in it. we have provided spot lights to lit up the idles inside

#Passage area storage unit

We have wisely used the passage area to incorporate some more storage and display area.

#Guest Bedroom Design

Since there was a space constrain to design a dresser separately we have pasted the mirror on the door of the wardrobe and we have provided drawers below the mirror. so this act as a dresser with storage and a wardrobe. We have played around with Lighter and darker colored laminates on the wardrobe to give that perfect design. Lofts are of lighter colored laminate.Headboard of the bed has an interesting design. A side table is designed with darker and lighter color combination.

#Master Bedroom Design

The first thing you will notice in this master bedroom is the huge dresser with mirror. spot lights are provided in the dressing area.We have provided storage behind as well as below the mirror.A three door slider wardrobe with more of darker laminate with strips of lighter laminate and an end to end loft with lighter laminate makes sure that the same theme is running around in the entire home.A king sized coat with designer headboard add up to the look. Another interesting thing in this room is ledges in the corner for displaying artifacts. False ceiling of this master bedroom has “L” shaped design with spot lights and cove lights to lit the entire room.

This was a nice tour to the nicely designed 2 BHK home. Do contact us for more creative and functional designs @ +919019598877 and check out our online furniture at www.squadro.in

For more project write ups, Visit http://www.bonito.in/2016/quick-mr-akshays-2bhk-salarpuria-greenage-apartment-interiors-bommanahalli/

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  1. u should also tell the total cost of the complete interior decoration….

  2. What is the cost of this project ??

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  9. Ankita Padmanabhan

    what was the budget for the interiors here?

  10. is it north facing home?

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  13. nice I like it!

  14. hello Bonito , i have been watching quite alot of your videos lately. they are great , i just want to know do you work in north as well? coz i live in Faridabad ( New Delhi)

  15. u shud also disclose the size in sqmt of apartment as well as each rooms..

  16. what is the total cost

  17. what is the cost for such Designs in homes in the 5BHK BANGLOW Can u plzz tell me

  18. Renu …. your designs are all copy paste …. what a fu*ck, all most similar  designs everywhere !!

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  21. Thanks for sharing your work. Your design is very different from Western design. Although I live in the Caribbean and we have lots of East Indian influence in some countries, Culturally it's very informative . I'm guessing that this lacquered, two toned and almost retro design is trending in your region and would be considered elegant and contemporary? Thanks again and continue to share

  22. nice and very good

  23. led lightning doesn't give the feel of home. it looks so artificial like hotel. but other things are good.

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  25. awesome design & work nicely

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  28. i cannot believe that i have watched 3 videos and seen 3 purple kitchesn. how can 3 different people have same taste.
    rafters and spot lights are ridiculous. there is no ambience. lamps and chandeliers should be incorporated instead of spot lights. there is toooooooooo much light. liked the bedroom closets but should have been one color on the top as well. stone work should be reduces. Renu you cant say about your own stuff "its very nice" !!!

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  32. why most of the apartments in bangaluru doesn't have windows in living area.Even the kitchen doesn't have windows.how people are living without natural sunlight presence. crazy bangalurians!!!!!!!!!

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  34. puja unit is inside kitchen,so if you are a non vegetarian then you should give nonveg to God as prasad,what a non sense interior design,completely against vastu sastra,and so many unnecessary lighting is it a home or a mall

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    can u please say me the cost of project

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    Is the Puja Cabinet's positioning inside the kitchen a demand of the client ?

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  41. the guy probably works in a showroom so feels better with a showroom type feel in the house. I am yet to see a house from such rubbish interior decorators which looks good during the day without those horrible led and neon lights all around

  42. It would be nice to know the size of the apartment you are displaying and cost for the design. What is the point of using spot light everywhere?

  43. Deepali Jhunjhunwala

    hello bonito group… I have been following your vedios for quite some time and I have observed that your designs are quite similar for all projects …. please don't mind but just thought of bringing this to your notice as well… also if possible can you share se ideas for smaller apartments… TFS…

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