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A Real Architect Builds A Mansion In Minecraft • Professionals Play

An architect attempts to build his dream home in #Minecraft .

Minecraft / Microsoft Studios
Andrew McClure
Web: www.nomad-design.com
IG: @NomadDesignInc @andrewmcclure
Email: andrew@nomad-design.com

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/65170

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  1. El creeper en el minuto 6:09

    "Que linda casa, sería una pena que alguien la…Tttssss"

  2. Another video where I liked it, but BuzzFeed

  3. Garden Warrior


  4. Even the lighting's perfect…jesus.

  5. Emanuele D'Angelo

    He is good as mc builder cause of his work, i'm good at building cause of mc

  6. Kashyap Shirodkar

    why does he look like GT Dave the kombucha king?

  7. Sliding doors

    *Breaks the glass panes

  8. You’re right

    the roof play was pretty but useless

  9. Ami me pareció una cagada

  10. If he had shaders, texture packs and mods he would be god

  11. Men now i want to be an archetic

  12. Krisha Del Rosario

    Pewdipie's house is much cooler.

  13. Do a part 2 or else Bigfoot will haunt u

  14. Imagine if Griam designs real houses next

  15. Real AI plays minecraft

  16. crazed 12 year old

    "uh sliding doors"
    smashes and goes trough

  17. Good grief. This guy has a lot to learn.

  18. Grian left the chat

  19. Enrique Salgado Blancas

    You should had uses some shaders

  20. “These doors open up”
    * Glass violently shatters*

  21. Is this copyrighted cause I’m gonna copy everything

  22. Hmm this house is decent lol.

  23. 8:46 "these doors open up" breaks glass to get through

  24. Can you get like {someone who is the "profession" in said game} to play Rainbow Six Siege?

  25. Eww

  26. What do you think Thanos?
    Thanos: ImP0zIblE!

  27. GrieferKid420666 joined the game

  28. It isnt a cool mincraft house until it has a lava fountain inside it…. lost so many houses until i got it right lol

  29. Joe from joeys super cool food reviews

    Why didnt they just use a super flat world

  30. damn he builds better than so many people ive seen and he hasnt even been playing the game long