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A 400 Square Foot Design and Build by Joseph Chiarucci

A video walkthrough of a 400 Square Foot Design and Build by Joseph Chiarucci

The video is silent, as per request of the builder.

Contact him at JChiarucci@gmail.com

Shot and Edited in 24 hours by Brendan J Mcinerney

Insta: @BrendanJoe

More video work at http://vimeo.com/brendanjoe

Photos: http://www.brendanjoe.com/

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  1. Uhmmm … I don't think so.

  2. No bed?

  3. No sound, no music, no explanation? What? Very strange.

  4. If it was me by myself, then Sure, but with a kid. ⚠️ Hazardous… I love the layout and it's well built.

  5. I would need the cat walk enclosed with metal mesh and railing.

  6. Great!

  7. This is adorable

  8. One good sneeze on that catwalk……..

  9. Lynnette mendoza/hutchison

    Crazy design but ok

  10. You gonna dry the fuckin' toilet off after every shower?

  11. All houses should have a precarious catwalk for relocation of potted plants

  12. Finally, a small space my cat and I could comfortably live in.

  13. OMG never be drunk at this house!

  14. Just beautiful

  15. I could live there!😁

  16. 10×51 ka plan btao ister andar se dena he

  17. But where's the bed & LR 📺? 😛

    Very neat place!!! 👍 ♥


    That's so beautiful.

  19. Borering…..😴

  20. Sweet 😘😘😘😎😍 Joseph

  21. Hight ceiling are the best..you can do an additional room…very nice.

  22. I would fall and break my bones

  23. so nice not having some amateur munt on about there life story !!! best vid iv seen!

  24. 😍😍😍😍😍Love how big it feels & the access to so much natural lighting!

  25. I'm assuming this guy never drinks…..

  26. This is cool

  27. Iahel Cathartes Aura

    Now this is my kind of comfy, opulent, half zen & half fancy dorm room, everyday style tiny house. Very well done! Love the half door, the bed area, all of it. Absolutely ingenious design!

  28. When the first line of tiny houses came along I thought they were ugly, cramped and not very thought up. However as anything else over the years builders have learned from mistakes, empowered on other ideals to they have become something of a beautiful homes now. A lot of time more complexed and better thought out than some of your bigger million dollar homes. Years ago I couldn't even stand of the thought of living in one of those, now I long for it. I think this guy has one of the better if not the best tiny homes I have seen to date.

  29. Oh man, I wouldn't try that after a night of drinking.

  30. Robin Rosenthal

    Good for a younger person. I'm 52 and fit as a fiddle but in 20yrs. I may not be able to shimmy around on a catwalk. LOL For a young person with kids? Prepare for broken bones and projectiles being dropped on your head!

  31. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾🇧🇷

  32. Needs a cat. A cat would like that design.

  33. nice video like the fact that there was no music. 2 thumbs up

  34. Gopakumar3428 Puthanmadom

    Circus mans house

    The presentation/demo is exceptional.
    Wow!! This is tightest design I've seen.
    The space is absolutely fantabulous!

  36. Very cool pad👍

  37. What idiot builder would want a silent film?

  38. By far the neatest!

  39. Such a sad place to live in!

  40. Jacquelyn Gonzales


  41. I think, putting a clear plexiglass as a floor on the second floor, but he has to redesign supports for that to work.
    Then again that will cut off the air flow around the room.

  42. Great floodplain.

  43. bathroom looks like a gas chamber lol