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89,16m² These Are Project Small Houses, Modern Ground Floor | Designs Of Modern Houses

These are project of a small, modern ground floor, which is a modification of the “House Under an Orange” designed jointly with the FB Fans. In the presented version, a single-garage garage was designed. The house is distinguished by impressive stylistics, the façades are finished with plaster in fashionable colors and varied with natural wood. The terrace zone with a pergola looks great, where residents can arrange a summer dining room and a seating area. The interior of the house has been functionally organized, and many glazings provide a large amount of natural light. The salon invites the family to relax in front of the home cinema, sliding terrace doors attractively open its space to the terrace and garden. In the central place of the day zone, next to a large window, there is a dining room, during receptions in a larger group, one can additionally extend the table. The kitchen section is separated by a multifunctional peninsula with a comfortable work top, a modern cooking zone and a breakfast bar. A handy larder has been designed by the kitchen, which will accommodate food supplies and preserves. Private rooms are the parents’ bedroom with access to the terrace, a child’s room, as well as a study located near the entrance, which can be used for the next bedroom. The utility program of the house is completed by two bathrooms, with a vestibule located in a boiler room, connected to the laundry function, from which a garage is available. “House under the Orange (G)” enlarges the collection appreciated by the Investors: designs of one-storey houses, it also belongs to the category: designs of small houses, designs of modern houses and designs of houses with a single-storey garage.

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